Supermodels to Be Replaced By Digital AI Creations

The Digi-models come with names like Joy, Nina, Noah and Theo (Picture: DMIx/Verce/SWNS)
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Three dimensional digital creations are virtually impossible to distinguish from real humans, can be created on-demand and used for any modeling assignment. The era of “deep fakes” and deception has arrived. Other AI systems can animate life-like digital images to speak with natural movements and expressions. ⁃ TN Editor

First, it came for art and college essays, now AI is set to take the place of supermodels by creating digital humans.

A German company has launched a system that sees state-of-the-art ‘digital humans’ pose for campaigns.

ColorDigital claims that their DMIx StudioAvatars have a ‘never seen before’ photorealistic quality.

This enables brands ‘to build up their own completely unique team of digital models to use in sales and marketing’.

The Digi-models – who come with names including Joy, Nina, Noah and Theo – can be customised and individualised to a brand’s preference.

In partnership with Verce, the studio that specialises in creating realistic virtual models, ‘it brings together a high-quality end-to-end virtual model workflow for fashion brands including a virtual 3D photo studio’.

The end-to-end digitalisation of workflows is set to have a major impact on the fashion industry, by reducing the need for prototypes and physical samples.

‘Factoring in travelling and the production of shoots, brands can save costs and time as well as reduce environmental impact,’ said ColorDigital.

The creators also added that digi-models would improve diversity and representation in the fashion industry.

The system also allows brands to exchange photo-realistic materials, real colours and avatars in real time.

‘Until now, an end-to-end 3D workflow with virtual models has not been able to meet marketing demands and substitute human models photographs on e-commerce systems,’ said Gerd Willschütz, CEO and co-founder of ColorDigital.

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