UN warns Europe against ‘backtracking’ on migrant commitments

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TN Note: Even after the disastrous Paris jihadist attacks, the United Nations is warning European nations that they had better keep their migration commitments. This is further evidence of the widely-held belief at the UN that multi-cultural societies are required for Sustainable Development. If Europe listens to the UN, it will be committing certain suicide.

Geneva (AFP) – The United Nations on Tuesday urged states not to “backtrack” on pledges made to host migrants and refugees, including from Syria, in the wake of the attacks in Paris.

Multiple UN agencies issued a warning to European leaders who might use the tragedy to advance anti-migrant policies, stressing that many of those seeking refuge in Europe have also been the victims of extremists.

Of the estimated 1.1 million migrants who have landed in Europe via the Mediterranean since 2013, less than six “have raised questions in terms of possible links to extremism,” said International Organization for Migration spokesman Joel Millman.

Millman noted that the IOM, which received that information from individual governments, has no evidence that any of those people were ever involved in acts of violence.

French sources have said that a passport found near the body of one of the Stade de France suicide bombers may have belonged to a Syrian — possibly an ex-government soldier — who registered on the Greek island of Leros on October 3.

Using that information as a pretext to curb migration by vulnerable people into Europe could prove disastrous, UN representatives said.

“We are concerned about the reactions from some states to end programmes being put in place, backtracking from commitments made to manage the refugee crisis,” said UN refugee agency (UNHCR) spokeswoman Melissa Fleming.

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Well now…..there we have it. The entire immigration debacle is because of an agreement with the U.N. that Nations around the world would take in immigrants (invaders). Now the question is why would the leaders of individual Nations agree to do this knowing it would cause havoc, social unrest, demand millions and millions of dollars, hate crime, rape, and death? Why have the leaders of Nations become traitors to their own citizens? It’s to establish a One World Government controlling Politics, Religion, Finances, Energy, Information, Agriculture, Water, Education, Communications, and just about everything else. Welcome to the brave new world… Read more »