July 5, 2016

Fido Forever: South Korean Lab Will Clone Beloved Pets For A Mere $100,000

Cloning technology is gaining acceptance and popularity. From favorite pets to prize breeding stock in the global food chain, new labs keep popping up. It would not be accurate to say that all cloning labs are operated by Transhumans. It would be accurate that all Transhumans are critically interested in and supportive of the developing technology, because the cloning of humans will not be far behind.

Why The World Is Rebelling Against ‘Experts’

Among the ‘rebels’, there is still no recognition of Technocracy, but people feel the effect of it as regulations strangle economic progress, personal freedoms and the society we live in. The question is, will the Technocrats be able to cloak their identity while staying one step ahead of the rebellion? If so. then scientific dictatorship is inevitable. If not, then there will be a chance to reject Technocracy and its practitioners.

Think Tank: Robots Could Replace Migrant Workers In Britain

What Britain needs: More robots, less migrant workers. This makes for an interesting twist on using migration as a means of implementing Sustainable Development. After all, it is globalist Peter Sutherland who claims that a requirement for Sustainable Development is a multicultural society – driven by migration. Still, it is easier to manage robots than people, so perhaps Technocracy will find a winner here.

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