Resistance: Chinese Citizens Shun Snitching Apps On Neighbors

Resistance against surveillance is rising among Chinese citizens, including avoidance of apps designed to snitch on their neighbors. China is a Technocracy with very autocratic control over citizens, so we will be watching to see if the trend to resist will grow or get squashed.

Genetically Engineered Super Horses Designed For Speed, Strength

Horses now follow after mice, rats, pigs, goats and sheep to receive genetic restructuring. Technocrats consider humans to be no different than animals, so nothing is stopping them from eventually editing human genes to bring forth specific traits. Such changes will be transmitted to offspring, meaning that eventually the entire planetary gene pool will be contaminated with man-made changes to DNA.

New Wave Of GMO Escapes Regulation To Transform Global Food Supplies

GMOs will quickly dominate the global food chain under a new mantra that gene editing is merely “accelerated breeding technology.”  Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has bought this brazen lie and states that GMO plants are not “regulated articles” because they don’t contain foreign pathogens from bacteria. Thus, the new breed of gene editors will not be regulated, monitored or required to conduct detailed testing, and yet they will contaminate the gene pool of the world’s food supply. This is a horribly dangerous combination of greed and a Technocrat mindset that the ‘science is already settled.’

U.S. Fishermen Fear Forests Of Wind Turbines At Sea

Wind turbines and fishing don’t mix, but that isn’t stopping turbine operators from installing hundreds of giant wind generators in the Atlantic ocean. Industry studies support deep-water turbines as symbiotic with marine life but actual fisherman know better. From regulations to harmful sounds and electromagnetic vibrations, offshore wind farms portend as much ecological damage as their terrestrial counterparts.