April 4, 2017

Islamization Of London: Multiculturalism Is Viewed As Chief Catalyst For Sustainable Development

Turning the world into a multi-cultural melting pot has been an explicit goal of the Trilateral Commission for many years, and it is having a devastating effect on Europe and America. The BBC reported in 2012 that “Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.” Sutherland is honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission in Europe and also the UN’s migration chief.

Robot female

Love And Sex Robots: The Final Frontier Of Voluntary Human Extinction

This has to be said. The human race perpetuates because of biological reproduction, but history reveals every sort of sexual perversion imaginable. In spite of that, populations have increased. The post-modern perversion of having sex with robots or within virtual reality, removes all desire for human companionship. As Artificial Intelligence is blended with fantasy and faux flesh, the minds of men and women will be permanently rewired to prefer robot satisfaction. It will not be necessary to force such compliance, either; both men and women will gravitate to their own destruction like a moth is attracted to the flame. Technocrats invent because they can, not because it is smart.

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