April 14, 2017

Addiction to Smartphones

Addiction To Smartphones Has Become The Heroin Of Technocracy

The addictive nature of smartphones is being used against consumers as a conduit to deliver brainwashing, propaganda and dogma to completely change public perception of reality. This is in preparation for full-blown Technocracy, which would never, ever be acceptable to people without such brain conditioning. Welcome to the ‘zombie world’ of technology. This article deals with the addictive nature of smartphones.

Rule of Law

The Rule Of Law Vs. The Rule Of Science

The following article is about the importance of the Rule of Law in societies around the world. America has been a beacon and testimony to the benefits of being subjected to the Rule of Law, administered fairly to all.

By contrast, Technocracy proposes Rule of Science, which is altogether different. Rule by Science leads straight to Scientific Dictatorship and a society devoid of personal choice and freedoms we currently take for granted. This is the demarcation of the ages: Will we jettison Rule of Law for the Rule of Science?

Why Public-Private Partnerships Are The Brains Behind Smart Cities

Industry says, “Without a public-private partnership, a smart city plan will most likely remain stuck on the drawing board.” Technocracy marches forward on public money that is diverted to private ends, offering one of the biggest scams in history. Of course, they say “It’s good for you”, but the end of Scientific Dictatorship will be a scourge on humanity.

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