April 28, 2017

Consumer Surveys Confirm That Cashless Society Is Gaining Ground

The ‘people’ are always blamed for the demand to ditch cash in society, but it is the banking oligarchy that strategized it from the very beginning. Why? Because cash in the hands of citizens is uncontrollable, while digital currency is absolute control. Technocracy as an economic system requires absolute control over the monetary system.

Border wall

Mexico To Use Barage Of Environmental Lawsuits To Stop Border Wall Construction

The U.S. inserted environmental language into NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Now that President Trump has reneged on terminating NAFTA outright, but rather will ‘renegotiate’ it, Mexico will turn the tables by filing a number of environmental lawsuits in international court over the border wall. It is a strange twist of irony, because Mexico could mostly care less about environmental issues in the first place.

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