May 23, 2017

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos: Time To Build City On Moon With Robots

Many tech moguls have joined the apparent cult that seeks to leave planet earth and colonize other planets like Mars or the Earth’s moon. Amazon’s Bezos is the second-richest person on earth and wants to use robots to build out the moon. Don’t worry, he says, Amazon will be able to deliver products to the moon. Bon voyage, Jeff.

Wi-Fi holography

Scientists: We Can Photograph People In 3D Through Walls Using Wi-Fi

Using radiation from your own home Wi-Fi router, devices outside you home can see what is inside. Leave it to German scientists to dream this one up. Technocrats invent only because they can, not because it is smart or useful. Only over-aggressive authorities will benefit from this technology and citizens will be stripped of their last corner of privacy in their shrinking world.

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