February 14, 2018

FBI Director: The Whole Of Chinese Society Is A Threat To The US

China is completely intentional about everything it does to gain foreign influence, and its whole national apparatus is focused solely on gaining foreign influence. Espionage, hacking, Confucius Institutes, trade (companies like Huawei), etc. To a Technocrat mind, efficiency and persistence are supreme and every action has a purpose.

Punked: Google Tests Robot To Chat With Friends For You

If you are tired of all the texting you are doing, then Technocrat–minded Google has the perfect answer: use the AI robot to talk to your friends instead. The logical end of this (which Technocrats seldom worry about) is that humans will get pushed out and robots will talk to robots while we just watch the parade float by.

Six U.S. intelligence agencies Warn Against Using China’s Huawei phones

As a Technocracy, China is prosecuting its campaign for global domination through the use of technology, data collection and the application of artificial intelligence. It has been working its campaign since at least 1978, and the results are just now catching the attention of intelligence agencies.

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