U.S. Army To Deploy Autonomous Killer Robots On Battlefield By 2028

Technocrat Elon Musk is afraid that AI super-intelligence poses an existential threat to humanity and the issue is over control. Technocrats themselves want to socially engineer the planet with science and technology, but autonomous AI would be direct competition. In other words, the very technology they are compelled to create is already backfiring on them. 

Homeland: Massive New Database To Include Facial Recognition, DNA, Relationships

Huge shoutout to Jennifer Lynch of Electronic Frontier Foundation for investigative journalism to expose the Department of Homeland Security’s massive surveillance program. TN has warned for years that Technocrats in U.S. intelligence agencies have gone rogue while ignoring the U.S. Constitution, Federal law and citizen complaints. If surveillance is not stopped, America will quickly surpass China as a police state.

Researchers Believe That Their AI Can Predict The Future

Technocrats are fascinated with knowing the future. The father of Technocracy and Scientism, Henri De Saint-Simon (1760-1825) wrote “A scientist, my dear friends, is a man who foresees; it is because science provides the means to predict that it is useful, and the scientists are superior to all other men.”

The Deep State Of Data: How To Protect Personal Information

One company’s solution to escaping Technocracy’s scientific dictatorship of data is creating false identities for private online activity such as email, phone calls and browsing. While this may prevent some misuse of your personal data, maintaining multiple identities risks losing your real identity as an individual human being. While we need encryption in the short run, we need to dismantle the technocratic machine that seeks to control us.

Pope Francis’ Bait And Switch: Traditional Theology For Global Warming

Millions of Catholics are perplexed and disillusioned by Pope Francis’ rejection of traditional church theology in favor of the radical environmentalism of global warming and the U.N.’s Sustainable Development. Also, his dedication to Communist theology is clearly seen by the symbol worn around his neck: Jesus crucified upon the hammer and sickle of the former USSR.

Smart Buildings Are Paving The Way Toward Smart Cities

Technocracy’s 1930s claim of being the “science of social engineering” is clearly seen in every aspect of today’s smart buildings and smart cities. Advanced technology is used to monitor, manage, control and predict every conceivable aspect of urban existence.

From Brussels To Silicon Valley: Coping With The Failures Of Technocratic Rule

The siren call of Technocracy that lures the heart of mankind is the promise of direct personal involvement in all affairs of society. However, this is NOT democracy nor will it ever deliver what is promised. The technocratic corporate world is as dictatorial, regimented, controlled and micromanaged as any political regime in history, and it could care less what people (or employees) think

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