Study: DNA Databases Can Send Police Or Hackers To Your Door

Every genealogical/Service I have researched talks incessantly about Privacy and having control over your own data. All such language is deceptive and misleading, designed to trick people into buying their testing kits. Now that large databases have been built, your data is on display for anyone who can pay or provide a subpoena.

Joint Communication Network For Biometric Databases Being Established

The Military is instructing local police forces how to “master the human domain” with biometric identification and AI analysis of populations. On the battlefield, mastering the human domain means changing, informing or shaping human behavior. When turned on our own civilian population, you have the ultimate social engineering event that will transform society.

Fixing Air Pollution And Soot Would Be Faster And 20X Cheaper Than CO2 Fix

If you don’t think the world needs to spend $48 Trillion to get rid of CO2, then it has a Plan B for you: 16 other measures that could do the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Real air pollution has been very successfully reduced in cities like Pittsburgh, PA, but it wasn’t because CO2 was removed or that it followed some UN mandate.

Wireless Wars: When Censors Control the Sensors

Technocracy is about using collected data to engineer and control all of  society by a select few who believe they have the answers for mankind. This movement got traction in the 1930s but was rejected by American by the 1940s. Now, it’s back and little has changed.

Smart Regions Bypass Elected Officials To Implement Regional Governance

A new and purely Technocrat invention to impose unelected regionalism will soon sweep the nation. Phoenix is the pilot and model, with over 30 cities and 4.7 million  citizens. Three non-governmental organizations are simply rising up to dominate the entire region to set policies and implementation plans relating to Smart City technology. There is no public mandate or authority for these actions. You heard this first on Technocracy.News!

City Mayors Are Furious Over FCC Ruling On 5G Rollout

The Agenda 21-soaked U.S. Conference of Mayors has been thrown under the bus by hard-core Technocrats who took over the FCC in order to roll over cities with 5G installation. Mayors are livid but now they learn who is boss.