April 2, 2018

United Nations: Global Partnerships Pledge Improved Coordination for Water Security

The five ‘multi-stakeholder’ water partnerships include a rich assortment of public-private partnerships that will give global corporations direct access to this precious resource of life. The UN predicts a 40% shortfall of water availability by 2030, even though the same amount of water has existed sine the creation of the earth. In order to insure Technocracy, shortages must be created to drive the investment.

China Completes 5G Autonomous Driving Test In Showcase Tech City

Technocracy in China works like this: President Xi Jinping personally directed the creation of the development zone, then his ‘government’ picked Baidu to conduct the driving tests. In addition, Baidu created a public-private partnership with the Xiongan local government. They are using a 5G wireless network environment for virtually instant communication.

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