April 12, 2018

Trilateral Commission Stalwart: Charlie Rose Shamed, Broken, Lonely

Exactly when Rose was dropped from Trilateral Commission membership is uncertain, but his long TV career was shattered when several women accused him of sexual misconduct. The allegations had enough substance that Rose was fired from PBS and Bloomberg Television immediately suspended the program. Rose interviewed dozens of other Trilateral members over the years and was considered one of the trusted media insiders at the Commission. At 76, he will likely never see the red light on the TV camera again.

Scientists: World Cities Should Prepare For Running Out Of Water

Another catastrophic prediction by Technocrat scientists who have no concrete evidence whatever to make their case, and yet the answer is that governments and the UN must tightly control and allocate the remaining water. If it isn’t a global pandemic, global warming or global water crisis, it would be something similar.

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