June 13, 2018


From Brussels To Silicon Valley: Coping With The Failures Of Technocratic Rule

The siren call of Technocracy that lures the heart of mankind is the promise of direct personal involvement in all affairs of society. However, this is NOT democracy nor will it ever deliver what is promised. The technocratic corporate world is as dictatorial, regimented, controlled and micromanaged as any political regime in history, and it could care less what people (or employees) think

Facebook To Judge Which News Sites Are ‘Credible’ Or Not

The problem with censorship in general is not traditional left-right conflict of ideology; rather, it is the Technocrat mindset that a) every problem can be solved by algorithm, b) they are the only data jockeys who know how to do it and c) they are the ‘chosen’ and therefore must act. The culture at Big Tech sees their Utopian ideology as the only valid possibility and rejects all else.