June 2018


China Elevates Technocrat To Lead Communist Youth League

China is a Technocracy and its actions and appointments continually bear this out. The Communist Youth League is one of the most important political structures in China and is now being led by a recognized Technocrat. One key object of Technocracy is the ‘science of social engineering’.

More Calls For Direct Technocracy In America As Democracy Falters

This article casts Patrick Wood as a  “conspiracy theory propagandist” who “indicts technocrats as leaders in globalist plots to control the masses.” This is the same technique used in the 1970s to deflect analysis of the Trilateral Commission. This is a must-read article that shows the nexus between populism and Technocracy, which will make way for full-blown Technopopulism in America.

China Introduces Driverless Ambulances And Robot Doctors

Technocrats in China use herd management principles to automate every aspect of health care. It is theoretically possible for an sick citizen to never see a human in the care of their illness. Does China have enough people to educate more doctors and nurses? Of course, but Technocrats prefer engineering solutions to any problem.