October 5, 2020


Mises: The Absurdity Of Covid ‘Cases’

“Casedemic” is the proper term  for second phase of the global Technocrat takeover. Death counts and hospitalizations are not rising, but increased testing with highly unreliable test kits are fanning the flames of panic as people test “positive”. This is a false narrative but wildly promoted by media and Technocrat scientists alike.

DARPA-Funded Biochip To ‘Save’ Us From COVID-19?

Technocracy is to society what Transhumanism is to people who live in society. What is thought to be a coup d’état  for Technocracy might also be a coup d’état for Transhumanism as implantable tech is implemented to fight COVID-19. To the extent that it is accepted, it will provide continuous tracking and internal monitoring of every human.