November 2020


Fearsome Fauci: Forget Christmas, New Year’s, Hugging Grandma

Technocrat Anthony Fauci continues to preach self-denial and social lockdown measures such as wearing masks, social distancing and staying home. Will there ever be an end to this? Not likely unless America simply throws it all down and tells the Fauci’s of the world to get out of public policy.

America’s COVID-19 Restrictions Go Full Authoritarian

Americans who refused to say “No!” in the first place now find themselves in a quagmire of incremental authoritarianism that risks becoming a full-on police state in 2021. Now that Thanksgiving has been desecrated for millions, what will Technocrats do to destroy Christmas?

Pre-Crime Claim: Student Grades Can Predict Future Life Of Crime

If you think racial profiling is problematic, just wait until you understand criminal profiling… of school children based on grades plus psychographic and demographic factors. Meddling with school records is apparently OK because it is done by Technocrats who, after all, think that all answers to society’s problems can be solved by them.