December 2020


The Flu Has ‘Mysteriously’ Vanished Into Thin Air

Technocrats have cleverly swept virtually all seasonal flu data under the carpet, categorizing most as COVID and simply not reporting the rest. Technocrats have no ethical boundaries in corrupting data for their own ends. This could be the biggest data fraud in history.

Analysis: Will The Technocratic Coup Succeed?

Journalists and analysts from outside the U.S. have a more clear view of the encroachment of Technocracy than do those in America. It is time for America to get its eyes off of distractions in politics and intrigue, and examine the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

The Lockdowners: Dead Wrong Twelve Times In A Row

“The Lockdowners” have indeed been dead wrong, but their pseudo-scientific policies have caused the deaths of tens of thousands in America, for which there is no accountability. Who is able to put the brakes on these would-be social engineers?

Study: Brain Falters To Recognize Others In Face Masks

Normal but very necessary human social interaction is broken as people fail to recognize, hear and communicate with others. The stressors placed on global society will lead to conflicts at all levels, from family breakups to civil and national wars.