November 18, 2020


Governments Launch Cyber Warfare Against Citizenry To Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy

Anti-vaxxers are positioned as a threat to national security.  Bully tactics further threaten them with economic destruction such as being placed on “no-fly” lists by airlines, other travel restrictions, loss of employment, no school for kids, no access to commercial institutions, etc. This is the face of Scientific Dictatorship, aka Technocracy.

COVID-19 Creates Unconstitutional Hell For America

“And just like that, Americans gave up their liberty.” The Scientific Dictatorship of Technocracy has resisted only by a small minority, like TN. The rest of America has seemingly given up and slipped into a form of slavery where they do anything they’re told and question nothing.

UK MP Threat: Get Vaccine Or Be Banned From Working

The world is about to experience the utter scourge of Scientific Dictatorship, aka Technocracy. Non-vaxxers will be literally ostracized out of normal society, unable to work or travel. This will create an underclass segment of society barely able to survive unless they submit to the Technocrats.