October 19, 2020


GMO Technocrat Scientists Are Redesigning The Entire Food Chain

Beef, pork, chicken, fish and now shrimp will be cultivated in a lab along with genetic manipulation. Add to that dairy, corn, soybeans, rice, canola, etc. For Technocrats, nature isn’t good enough and needs their help in providing better food for the human race. Side effects are unknown, testing is scant and data is protected like the gold in Fort Knox.

Scientists Create GMO ‘Golden Meat’ With Plant Genes

GMO Golden Rice that added Vitamin A to its kernels failed miserably. Technocrats are back trying to do the same thing with beef, predicated on the belief that they can do better than the plain old ‘unhealthy’ variety. Transgenic means crossing genes from different kingdoms of life: plants and animals.