Australia’s ‘Greens’ Seek To Destabilize And Destroy Economic System

Green New Dealers are the same in every country, led on by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development policies. Same groups, same tactics, same objectives to destroy Free Enterprise and Capitalism.

However, Greens represent Technocracy (aka Sustainable Development) that seeks to cover the planet with its crackpot resource-based economic system and total social control.⁃ TN Editor

Greens know that Australia could not electrify our cities, farms, mines, refineries and factories, nor power our road, rail, air and sea transport with just solar, wind, hydro and batteries. Yet green activists, their adoring media, their tax-funded academics, their subsidised green “industries” and their vote-seeking politicians keep babbling about “zero emissions”.

Greens know that Australia could not feed itself without farmers, graziers and truckies using electric and diesel-powered pumps, tractors, harvesters and trucks to produce food and deliver it to the cities every day. Yet they tax and vilify diesel and make electricity more expensive and less reliable. And they lock up productive grasslands and open forests thus producing pest-ridden “parks” and “protected” vegetation infested with feral animals and invaded by inedible and fire-prone eucalypt weeds.

Greens know that we need more water storage just for today’s population. Yet they continue to sterilise potential dam sites, delay new dams, and waste conserved water on “environmental flows”. At the same time they boost water consumption with more tourists, games, immigrants and “refugees”.

Greens know they need a crisis in power, food and water to achieve their goal of centralised UN control of all aspects of our lives. Thanks to the many fools and quislings in Federal, State and Local governments, and in tax-funded academia, education and bureaucracy, this sinister hidden agenda is well advanced.

And all of this will provide ZERO climate benefits.

Maybe the Greens are just the old reds in Green uniforms?

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