The Focus Of AI Is Shifting From ‘Data’ To ‘Knowledge’

Artificial Intelligence naturally produces Artificial Knowledge. Do you see anything wrong with this proposition? One definition of artificial is “made by people to look very like something natural”, which means it’s fake while deceptively intending to convince you it’s real.

Facial Recognition Algorithm Caused Wrongful Arrest

This story reveals why Amazon, IBM and Microsoft have pulled out of the facial recognition business in order to deflect certain criticism over racial bias. In this instance, the algorithm nailed the wrong black man for a crime he did not commit.

Neil Ferguson’s Computer Model Is Ripped To Shreds

rofessor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in London started the Great Panic of 2020 with a thoroughly flawed computer model that was thoroughly unfit for scientific use. Was he instead virtue-signalling to his radical left-wing married lover?

Facial Recognition AI Predicts Criminals Based On Face?

The racist pseudoscience of phrenology was debunked in the early 1900s but Technocrat software developers have given it new life with AI-based facial recognition algorithms, saying they can spot a likely criminal with 80% accuracy and without racial bias.

Harvard: Using AI For Personalized Predictive Quarantine

If your predictive AI doesn’t work with crime prevention, why not try it out on predictive quarantines instead? Harvard says all it needs is more data, where government “can certainly ramp up national health data gathering by creating or rolling out more comprehensive electronic medical records.”

FOIA Docs: Feds Excited To Create Mass Surveillance Network

Technocrats operating within the U.S. government are stampeding to impose total surveillance networks in America, similar to those seen in China but with one twist: The race to dominance requires us to leapfrog over China’s AI and do it even better.