Snowden: AI Plus Coronavirus Is ‘Turnkey To Tyranny’

Technocrat-minded surveillance companies are ‘in the zone’ with governments more willing than ever to buy their AI and surveillance technologies. Once embedded into society, they will be used against citizens long after the coronavirus has subsided.

Google, The ‘Creepy Line’ And The 2020 Elections

Google has the power to sway elections, but is it already using it in the 2020 election cycle? The nature of the ‘creepy line’ is comparable to the ‘Twilight Zone’, where reality and illusion are blurred to the point that it is impossible to know for sure.

AI Reads Mind, Creates Video Of Your Thoughts

Scientists claim that AI can learn what you are thinking by analyzing brain impulses, and then reproduce the image on a video. Rudimentary as it is, it could break down the most private enclave of humanity: your personal thoughts.

Woof: Spot The Robot Police Dog

Short of laws or regulations to control police departments, robotics will play a huge part of future enforcement. Spot the robot dog is seen as a viable replacement for police dots. Future weaponization is almost certain.

AI Could Most Affect ‘Knowledge Workers’

Technocrats who are inventing AI algorithms by the hundreds may inadvertently have their own work replaced by their own inventions. Knowledge and white-collar workers are now in the cross-hairs for job replacement.

Amazon’s Hal 9000: Dave? What is it, Alexa?

Amazon is set to leapfrog Facebook’s dystopia and go directly to personal control; just think Hal in the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Alexa’s AI will be tailored to mold your actions, consumption and relationships.