5G Will Revolutionize Internet Of Things And AI Platforms

T-Mobile lays out the real driver behind 5G: IoT and AI. Connecting everything and everybody together will permit command and control like never seen before in history. Unimaginable volumes of data will be collected, which is the life-blood of Artificial Intelligence.

If Seeing Is Believing, Get Ready To Be Deceived

When the eco-world gets their hands on ‘deep fake’ AI software, they can make earth images that cannot be detected as false, inserting things that are not there and removing things that are there. Forget ‘lying with statistics’; Now it’s lying with images.

AI Can’t Understand Or Duplicate Humor

AI is a machine algorithm and not a human mind. As such, AU does not share any semblance of human emotion, including humor. Every rendering of judgement will be made on sterile machine logic. Should AI ever be left making decisions for humans?

AI Can Hate You With No Human Input

Several recent studies have shown that deep learning AI can develop biases just like humans do. The problem is that AI is completely void of human emotion, modeling a Schizoid Personality Disorder.

Psychopaths Have Much To Teach Us About AI

AI is often programmed to learn how manipulate our emotions, and to measure success when we conform. This psychopathic trait  is the pinnacle of social engineering and humans have very little awareness that it even happens.