Scientists: AI Algorithm Betters Humans In Finding Fake News

Technocrat data scientists are barking up the wrong tree. Note they never say that their black box algorithms can find truth, which logically should precede isolating falsehoods. Yet, their alleged breakthrough is hailed as ‘a new weapon in the fight against misinformation.’

Facebook Exec Warns News Outlets To Cooperate Or End Up Dying In ‘Hospice’

Technocrat social media giants are seeking to dominate the entire propaganda industry and will throw progressives and the left-wing under the bus just as fast as conservatives. This clearly demonstrates that Technocracy has a different agenda than left or right, and is much more dangerous because of the collective power that they currently wield.

Google Launching Censored Search Engine In China

Technocrat birds of a feather flock together but take urgent warning here: If Google bows to autocratic China to censor its citizens, it will bow to any government to do the same. In fact, the censorship engine is already built and tested and effectively weaponizes the Internet against the people of the world.

Major Labor Union Joins Coalition To Regulate Facebook

For every regulation imposed there are 10 ways to get around it, and Technocrats at Facebook have proven themselves to be very agile. Free market forces are the best way to curtail Facebook by simply refusing to pay money to it. Meanwhile, many other alternatives are popping up that will take market share away from Facebook.