EU To Implement Block-Wide Vaccine Passport Standard

Signs alert travelers to the presence of temperature testing during COVID-19 pandemic in the arrivals at Charles de Gaulle Airport. (Image: IMF/Flickr)
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The European Union is set to recognize a standard for vaccine passports in a what is being pitched as a move to reignite travel within the bloc.

While admitting that the use of such passports at the moment would be “premature” due to low vaccination rates amongst total populations, the EU says that plans to implement a bloc wide standard will likely be picked up in the near future.

EU commission vice-president Margaritis Schinas told the Daily Mail it was “perfectly imaginable that this can open avenues for other use, including facilitating travel.”

“We feel that now this is the time for these vaccine certificates to be recognized across the European Union, and even beyond the European Union,” he added.

EU Health Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, is claiming that the bloc is in “active discussion” about how to implement the idea.

It isn’t hard to image the EU setting a standard for mandatory vaccine passports as numerous European countries have already committed to issuing such a document to its citizens for the purpose of travel.

Spain and Poland are the latest countries to announce that vaccine passports/certificates will be issued to those who receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The United Kingdom is currently trialing a similar document in select areas of Britain.

The London Telegraph reporting last week that biometrics firm iProov and cybersecurity firm Mvine have developed a vaccine passport which will be optionally provided as a smart phone app for Brits vaccinated against COVID-19.

Denmark, Israel, Russia, and the Canadian Province of Ontario have also either announced a vaccine passport or that they are exploring the idea.

Airlines have also been very vocal about issuing a vaccine passport for travelers. In fact, Singapore Airlines in December became first major carrier to introduce a digital health certificate to verify passengers’ testing history and vaccination status.

London doctor Richard Dawood, who is cited by the Daily Telegraph as a “leading travel health expert”, says that vaccine passports are now “ultimately unavoidable.”

“Regardless of how any of us feel about the idea of ‘vaccine passports’ for travel, they will ultimately be unavoidable,” Dawood said, adding:

“Once countries begin insisting on proof of Covid immunity from arriving travelers, there will be little option but to embrace the challenge.

We all long for travel to return to normal. But entry requirements will remain as long as countries feel insecure, perhaps until most people have been vaccinated worldwide. Social distancing, sanitisers, face masks on flights, delays, red tape, and last-minute changes of plan, will stay a fact of travel until then.”

The implementation of such passports is running at full speed despite the World Health Organization stating earlier in the month that they oppose the use of ‘proof of vaccination documents’ “for the time being“.

“There are still too many fundamental unknowns in terms of the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing (virus) transmission and vaccines are still only available in limited quantities,” the WHO said.

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Its time to recognise these Vaccine Passports are FASCISM and are there to STOP you either moving about the world as is your GOD given RIGHT,To accept their Satanic EXPERIMENTAL Bia weapon Injection tobe allowed to travel ,who the F do they think they are, we do NOT NEED these CREATURES, we give them the power by CONFORMING and COMPLYING , Anything labelled EXPERIMENTAL is and cannot be administered as the Nerumberg Trials defined.. have you consented to try a weaponized rNA never been tried on humans before injection, plus you have no way to get compensation if their EXPERIMENTAL… Read more »


If people need to be coerced to take the vaccine then the vaccine is the problem. People are naturally suspicious of these vaccines for legitimate reasons. Some of these are: indemnity from accountability for the vaccine producing pharmaceutical industry; rush job vaccines still in experimental stage with no animal testing- humans are the guinea pigs; unknown future health problems; vaccines don’t kill virus only ameliorate symptoms – vaccinated people can pass on virus & virus remains at large; money trails leading to Bill Gates & Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who have shocking history of vaccine disasters in India and… Read more »