Giant Food Companies Stampede To Raise Insects For Food

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Innovafeed has secured big funding to build a bug factory in Illinois and pledges to “place sustainable development and social impact at the heart of its business model and thus reinforce the global positive impact of the industry.” I haven’t talked with anyone who wants to eat insects instead of real vegetables, meat, dairy, etc. What do you think? ⁃ TN Editor

Innovafeed, a leader in the production of insects (Hermetia Illucens) for animal and plant nutrition, today announced it has raised US$250 million in Series D funding. This round, led by Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), also includes existing investors Creadev and Temasek, and new strategic and financial investors: global agribusiness leaders ADM and Cargill – both of which have strategic partnerships with Innovafeed – as well as Future French Champions, ABC Impact, IDIA Capital Investissement and Grow Forward.

This new round of financing brings Innovafeed’s total cumulative financing to US$450 million.

The confidence demonstrated in us by our partners through a new round of fundraising confirms the insect industry is a key solution for our planet’s food production needsTheir support will allow us to accelerate our deployment in service of an ever healthier, natural and sustainable food system,” said Clément Ray, Co-founder & CEO of Innovafeed.

Innovafeed has already secured commercial partnerships for volumes representing more than €1 billion over the next 10 years.

Innovafeed will use the capital to:

  • Continue to increase production capacity in France through the further expansion of its Nesle site in the north of France, the world’s largest vertical insect farm;
  • Accelerate its international expansion, notably in the United States with the construction of a new production plant in Decatur, IL, in collaboration with ADM; and prepare global roll-out of Innovafeed’s technology, including development in Asia; and
  • Continue to invest in breakthrough technology and R&D for the formulation of high-precision and high-performance ingredients for animals, plants and, in the future, for human food.

New Chief Operating Officer and US General Manager appointments

The Company also announced that Yves Amsellem has joined Innovafeed as Chief Operating Officer. With more than 30 years of experience in end-to-end supply chains for international food & beverage and industrial groups, including Danone and Chromology, Amsellem brings outstanding insights and proven capabilities to Innovafeed’s expansion plans.

In addition, the Company has appointed Maye Walraven, a French-American national, as Innovafeed’s General Manager for North America, a newly created role. She previously served as Innovafeed’s vice president of business development.

Unique partnerships for the international deployment of Innovafeed’s technology

The participation of world-class agribusiness leaders ADM and Cargill, both customers and suppliers of Innovafeed’s feedstock inputs, underscores the role of Innovafeed’s unique and cutting-edge technology and the insect industry’s ability to transform the food system into more natural and sustainable one.

Our expansion in the United States is a critical step for our scale-up. It will enable us to access a deep source of feedstock and significantly increase our production capacity. I am very excited to be working closely with our local industrial partners, who are key contributors to accelerate the development of the entire industry and are supporting our momentum by their investment,” added Walraven.

An ambition: to go beyond the “impact-native” industry

Innovafeed also announced today the creation of an Impact Committee to place sustainable development and social impact at the heart of its business model and thus reinforce the global positive impact of the industry.

This committee will be responsible for defining and supporting Innovafeed’s ESG strategy over the next three years and will be chaired by Dr. Darian McBain, who is recognized for her more than 20 years of sustainability work and was formerly the Global Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability for the seafood conglomerate Thai Union.

I am proud to take on the role of President of Innovafeed’s Impact Committee, an emerging company whose values and commitment to finding sustainable solutions to global food challenges I share. I believe that the insect industry will have a key role in building sustainable food systems and reducing our impact on climate change. I hope to contribute my sustainability expertise to enhance Innovafeed’s sustainability and ESG commitments and performance,” commented Dr. McBain.


Innovafeed is a global biotechnology company and a leader in the production of insects (Hermetia Illucens – black soldier fly) for animal and plant nutrition created in 2016 by three co-founders: Aude Guo, Bastien Oggeri and Clément Ray, all driven by the ambition to find innovative and disruptive solutions to the challenges posed by the global food system. It develops disruptive technologies that reproduce nature’s processes on an industrial scale. By building a circular and zero waste agri-food chain replicating the insect’s natural role, Innovafeed is reinventing our way of life with higher quality, sustainability and resilience, for everyone. Its wide range of products includes insect protein for aquaculture; insect oil for pigs and poultry; and 100% natural fertilizer from insect droppings. Innovafeed also offers its protein and oil for pet food. Innovafeed boasts over 350 pragmatic dreamers for whom performance and positive impact must go hand in hand to shape the world we will leave to future generations. To learn more, visit

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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Val Valerian

 “Risks of Eating Commercially-Farmed Insects” Principia Scientific [08/17/22] “Should you eat insects as a staple part of your diet? Not according to the best peer-reviewed research. Below we reveal why scientists urge caution against eating insects. Contrary to what you’ve been hearing in the mainstream media, there is little to no scientific data about the long term effects on the human immune system from eating factory farmed insects. In fact, the scientific literature warns of the known risk of allergenic reaction from eating insects, which can also significantly worsen a range of established ailments. Moreover, there is a proven… Read more »


These studies seem fantastic but it is often hard to publish the truth these days. the fact is no one wants to eat bugs in place of regular foods, but the eating of bugs has been a plan of the World Economic Forum (WEF) under the tutelage of Klaus Schwab. Schwab is a very good friend of Henry Kissinger who has wanted to control the world food supply for years. My special thanks to you for publishing the truth about chitins and other (often synthetic) materials in the diet, and we have to know if insects are factory farmed, there… Read more »

JRthis is the format

Excellent post Val


Recipes, anyone?
Consider how replacing real human food with insects will affect national cuisine, as in France, Italy, India, Greece. Think it over.

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The worst we have feared is on us now. The proposing of eating insects (and sometimes ‘human flesh’) is not good news for the food industry and as consumers, the majority are likely to be against it. It is really unnatural for anyone to even consider, as long as real meat, cheese (dairy), vegetables and fruits are available. I fear these will be grown and cultivated in laboratory situations (mad scientist kinds of stuff!).

Steve Prewitt

…in well-guarded facilities methinks…

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JRthis is the format

I”ll start eating these chitin-filled foods the day after the fasco-Marxists at Davos start eating them.

Patrice Bodhisattva


Steve Prewitt

Corporate / investor gluttony for punishment. Did no one learn anything from the “Beyond Meat” stock fiasco???


If a person has been transformed into a humanoid, cyborg or whatever the criminally insane desire to change natural burns into. I think the bug diet will work out fine for those beings. The “REAL” humans that are left on earth will more likely only survive by the Providence of God. The insane sociopaths who appear to be winning on all fronts will be destroyed by God one day. (Revelation 20:11-15).


I meant to say human beings. Not human burns. My phone makes crazy mistakes when I type sometimes.

[…] Giant Food Companies Stampede To Raise Insects For Food […]


This thing makes organic fertilizer. It is not for human consumption. WHT omit the basic fact?


“The confidence demonstrated in us by our partners through a new round of fundraising confirms the insect industry is a key solution for our planet’s food production needs. Their support will allow us to accelerate our deployment in service of an ever healthier, natural and sustainable food system,” said Clément Ray, Co-founder & CEO of Innovafeed.” What? Having raised money from the criminal cartel network? That’s your ‘confirmation’ of … well, anything? Ridiculous. No wonder you people are so clueless–can’t think, employ twisted logic, can’t read but can find money to do things that are stupid, unwanted and irresponsible. “Innovafeed… Read more »