Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Blythly Dismisses Movie-Driven AI Fears

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Alphabet, Inc. and member of the Trilateral Commission (Wikileaks)
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TN Note: Remembering that Eric Schmidt is also a member of the elitist Trilateral Commission that is the basic driver of Technocracy throughout the entire world, it is more likely that the exact opposite is true. In other words, while THEY might have a switch to turn AI on or off, you and I will not, nor will society at large. It is not that the switch exists, but the will and opportunity to use it that counts.

“We’ll make make sure that people know how to turn this stuff off should we get to that point,” the Alphabet exec said, though he wasn’t clear on how.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, on Monday took to the stage at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity on the French Riviera for a talk on the future of media.

He addressed the future of AI, saying his company will soon be launching an AI that can automatically respond to IM messages, and that several companies will quickly follow with similar tech based on Alphago from Google’s Deepmind project. “The industry is now convulsed in this tech,” said Schmidt.

This “limited intuition” tech — where an AI can do something on an “I just felt” impulse — will take over the assistant space within five years, he predicted.

While Schmidt tried to calm any AI fears stoked by Hollywood — “We’ve all seen these movies,” he joked — Google has established a policy that its AI will be developed for the benefit of humanity and that there will be systems in place in case anything goes awry.

AI is fed data to work with humans in an assistant capacity, such as chemistry problems. “To be clear, we’re not talking about consciousness, we’re not talking about souls, we’re not talking about independent creativity,” said Schmidt.

The computers will not be clever, and military might is not in the plan.

“We’ll make make sure that people know how to turn this stuff off should we get to that point,” the exec said, though he wasn’t clear on how.

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Sam Fox
Sam Fox

We know this big brother loving fascist is lying. The only thing that will be turned off will be those who don’t want a computer chip installed on/in their body & those who resist big brother tyranny. Total control of every one & every thing is the only real goal of technocrats.