Google/Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dog Has All The Right Movements

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TN Note: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is beginning to come together. Forecasts of human employment being decimated by robots are eerily accurate. Watch these videos and see the natural movements and ability of “Spot” the dog. Also note that it is being controlled by a remote “handler” and does not yet sport Artificial Intelligence. If it weren’t for the military (DARPA in particular) driving for this type of robot, there might be some decent benevolent uses for it. But, as it is, it will ultimately be used to control others. 

To be perfectly frank, we have very mixed emotions about the video you’re about to watch. Is this how it begins? The robots trick us into letting our guard down by acting all cute and playful. Then the next thing you know, bam! Skynet becomes sentient and we’re battling real-life Terminators.

OK, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit. Instead of panicking, let’s all just sit back, relax, and watch this adorable video of Google’s robot dog “Spot” playing with a real dog. Isn’t it cute? Aren’t they having so much fun together? Yup, this is exactly what the robots want…

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larry Giglio

Hello. Until the real dog runs between scissor legs and gets sliced in two. Erase.