Bloomberg: UN To Give Approval For Man To Alter Climate Via Geoengineering

GeoengineeringPhoto by James Vaughan

Chemtrail skeptics: Would you believe Bloomberg, the United Nations or the Director of the CIA? Here is a sampling. Technocrats do not need validation from politicians or the public. If their ‘science’ says that they should do something, then they just do it. Such is the nature of Scientific Dictatorship.  TN Editor

A United Nations body is investigating controversial methods to avert runaway climate change by giving humans the go-ahead to re-engineer the Earth’s oceans and atmosphere.

So-called geoengineering is seen as necessary to achieve the COP21 Paris agreement clinched in December, when 197 countries pledged to keep global temperatures rises below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), according to researchers who produced a report for the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

“Within the Paris agreement there’s an implicit assumption that there will need to be greenhouse gases removed,” said Phil Williamson, a scientist at the U.K.’s University of East Anglia, who worked on the report. “Climate geoengineering is what countries have agreed to do, although they haven’t really realized that they’ve agreed to do it.”

Large-scale geoengineering may include pouring nutrients into oceans to save coral habitats or spraying tiny particles into the Earth’s atmosphere to reflect sun rays back into space. Geoengineering proposals have been shunned because of their unpredictable consequences on global ecosystems.

Hazardous, Costly

The University of East Anglia released a study in February that concluded geoengineering ideas were hazardous, costly or unrealistic. The Convention on Biodiversity has approached geoengineering with caution, seeking to constrain the development unless there is effective global governance, Williamson said.

“Risks of having local imbalances of climate are quite high, we’re not quite sure how it would turn out,” Williamson said. “If you have a climate catastrophe, a flood or storm, the accusation will be that it resulted from your action in the atmosphere.”

Some minds have nevertheless been changing when confronted with the scale of the climate change problems to be solved. Monday’s report makes clear that while geoengineering still entails environmental, political and economic risks, it’s worth considering as long as potentially unintended consequences can be pinpointed and minimized.

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rick dubov

Astounding!..they are considering geoengineering, when in fact it has been conducted in full force since 1998 and continues to be conducted, and has been largely responsible for most of the radical climate and weather shifts.

Many Microbes

By what authority does the UN give permission for anything? This self-appointed group of bureaucrats has been clawing for years to gain ‘legitimacy’, and it just can’t seem to understand that it will never be there. Never.


Disgusting. We’ve been trying Mr whole life to avoid this. Stop with the greed and power hungry. SHAMEFUL

gene r swank

There is no global warming and there are 30,000 scientists that say this. It is a scam for the supporters to make a fortune off of there selling there products to the government and manufacterers. Like gore did with smog devices on cars The governor of calif owned the company that made the knox devices that were proved to do nothing while the state required you to install them on your car.

Dr Tim Ball - Historical Climatologist

I would like to tell you of my latest book, “Human Caused Global Warming”.
The Biggest Deception in History.
Available on ‘’ and ‘Indigo/Chapters’.
Trial date for Dr Michael Mann vs Dr Tim Ball, February 20th, 2017.


That’s what the climate idiots don’t understand: problem – reaction – solution. (middle)


Global Warming.. A/K/A Climate Change is a total Hoax.. an Excuse for Bureaucrats, Corrupt Politicians to Hit the Western World’s Residents with their Carbon Taxes and Fines…. Remember what George Orwell Said.. Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. AND What Joseph Stalin, the Dictator of the Soviet Union said, There are people who are Useful Idiots for the Cause of Global Marxism and Communism….

Michael Leahcim
If anyone ever wonders what the skies will look like? as they make out&lie it’s just a”proposal” then no need to wait, just look up at your sky or global skies on TV&Movies right now, and you’ll see whether you got vision or not, Evident #climateEngineering is exposed and has been going for many years and as we speak it’s on going 24-7 to its max globally right now, looking up alone can prove this. Is this what our skies looked like few years ago? remember the clear dark blue skies?&not this ugly white hazy silver blue we see each… Read more »

Today I woke to a clear blue sky. Few airliners who’s trails dissipated. However after a few hours the sky is now getting whiter. Several planes passed with trails that did not disapate but spread out into lines forming grids. Weird that a commercial airliner past after 5 min same area and it’s contrails disappeared but the others are still there! Stockton UK.

Michael Leahcim

That’s right Peter, y’re right, obviously you’re noticing the difference between contrails and chemtrails, even if you thought the sky was clear and blue, just have another look next time, you’ll notice a fine whitish film across the sky/or silver blue to grey, best viewed when looking at the horizon and especially after sunset, you will see total white to silver blue or grey. During the days when it looks blueish, is misleading of the true deep clear dark blue we once used to get.


[…] delle Nazioni Unite sull’argomento le quali, come ha riportato Bloomberg nel 2016 (UN To Give Approval For Man To Alter Climate Via Geoengineering), davano il via alla sperimentazione delle tecniche per controllare e modificare il clima […]

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