Total Surveillance Society

Surveillance in China

China Rolls Out Big Brother Technocracy On Citizens

Digital slavery and Scientific Dictatorship are straight ahead for all of China, which has been moving toward Technocracy for at least 25 years. Punishment for non-compliance will be instant, irrevocable and non-transparent. Much of the technology being used in supplied by Western companies that are legally blocked by their home countries, but not so forever. Thus far, Americans are not at all alarmed that these systems will soon be applied to them.

Surveillance Industry Eyeing Huge Profits Under A Trump Presidency

Lobbyists for the surveillance industry already smell big profits ahead, thanks to Trump. For instance, the designated CIA appointee, Rep. Mike Pompeo, is a major proponent of the surveillance society and will provide many expansion opportunities. The chosen National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, is also favorable on surveillance expansion.

China’s ‘Draconian’ Cybersecurity Law Crushes Free Speech

Technocracy in China has created a formidable barrier to protect itself: destroy free speech, the right to protest, the right to privacy. The Scientific Dictatorship is already calculating social scores on all citizens, using deep data mining technology, that will determine who to shun from societal benefits. Those who resist the ‘Empire’ will be stripped of anything that might make them a threat.

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