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All formal online content on Technocracy News is 100% free, and will always remain so. This VIP offering of Pat’s Ponderings is different in that it is my informal thoughts, historical insights and various tidbits that are worth mentioning. I don’t have a set schedule and I write as the moment strikes me.

I invite you to subscribe and follow along with me to better understand this monster called Technocracy. Although you may unsubscribe at any time, please know that your subscription also helps me to move forward with additional research, writing and reach for our material.


After the end of each month, we generate and print a master file with all the articles posted during the previous month. Normally, there are about 60 articles, yielding 60 pages printed front and back. We use pre-drilled 20# paper for easy insertion into a binder. For a single monthly fee, we will print and mail a copy to you as soon as it is available. (The charge for this printed service is currently $15.95 per month and includes postage. If costs rise, we will have to make adjustments, but you will be contacted beforehand.)

If the Internet ever goes down or if our website is censored to death, you can have a hardcopy in your own possession that can never be hacked or suppressed.

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