Technocracy: Noted Film Maker Curtis Bowers Interviews Patrick Wood

Experimental Gene Therapy Should Not Be Called A Vaccine

The current crop of shots are experimental drugs based on gene therapy and do not meet the medical definition of a vaccine. None have been properly tested and all are being delivered under provisional “Emergency Use Authorization” by the FDA. Informed Consent is completely missing.

Federal Law Prohibits COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

This will be a legal nightmare unless it is settled once and for all by a higher court, but federal law makes it clear that Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drugs may not be mandated by employers. Further, your opt-out choice may not be used to discriminate againstĀ  you.

Eugenics Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth

After the defeat of Nazi Germany in WWII, the world thought it was done with eugenics, that is, ethnic cleansing and depopulation. Today, the shock of ages is that not only is eugenics still asserting itself, but that it is becoming the major narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scientists: Vaccination May Be Needed Before Every Holiday

Medical tyranny at the hands of Technocrats will advance with an endless stream of human-altering vaccines until the power is ripped out of their unelected, unaccountable hands. There is no such thing as voluntary withdrawal. Power is never voluntarily abandoned.

Experimental Vaccines Require Informed Consent

Information central to informed consent is being massively censored, to the extent that true informed consent is impossible. This flies in the face of international, federal and state laws that clearly mandate informed consent on all experimental drug