Regret: Prominent Lockdown Advocate Says He Got It Wrong

Mark Woolhouse, professor of ­infectious disease epidemiology at Edinburgh, was one of the team that first identified the threat UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH
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Critics who denounced lockdowns were demonized, cancelled and fired. Will advocates of lockdowns that caused massive damage to all societal systems, be held accountable? It’s not likely. Nevertheless, more wrong-headed policy makers will regret their actions as time goes on and the mass formation psychosis subsides. ⁃ TN Editor

A prominent lockdown advocate who advised the UK government admits in a new book he got it wrong and that there was never any proper consideration of the devastation caused by lockdowns.

Well, we told you so.

Professor Mark Woolhouse is a member of SPI-M, the modelling group on SAGE, the group that advises the British government on lockdown measures.

SAGE has become notorious for consistently predicting doomsday COVID scenarios that never even come close to passing, such as last year’s warning that Omicron could cause 6,000 deaths a day in the UK without harsher restrictions.

Just as SAGE got it spectacularly wrong earlier in the summer, without substantially harsher restrictions being imposed, Omicron caused nowhere near that level of fatalities.

In a new book called The Year the World Went Mad, Woolhouse expresses regret at SAGE’s involvement in pushing lockdown measures that caused huge devastation yet only served to delay the spread of the virus.

“We knew from February [2020], never mind March, that the lockdown would not solve the problem. It would simply delay it,” said Woolhouse, adding that no one in government appeared to recognize the failing of that strategy.

“The early global response to the pandemic was woefully inadequate,” says Woolhouse, adding that the WHO praising China for its draconian ‘zero COVID’ approach set the scene for similar disasters across the world.

Woolhouse was asked why governments set about imposing such brutal restrictions with seemingly no regard for their consequences.

“There was never at any stage, even by the following year, any form of analysis of the harms caused by lockdowns,” said Woolhouse. “Were they even considered? I haven’t seen any evidence that they were and that is very, very troubling.”

As early as April 2020, SAGE was sent information confirming that lockdowns would “cost three times more years than the disease itself,” but there was virtually no consideration of the fact that “those over 70 had at least 10,000 times the risk of dying as those under 15 years old.”

The government then lied to the public in claiming that the virus “doesn’t discriminate,” despite this being manifestly untrue.

“I heard [the official] argument caricatured as: everyone died, but at least no one was saved unfairly,” said Woolhouse, adding, “BBC News backed up this misperception by regularly reporting rare tragedies involving low-risk individuals as if they were the norm.”

While those who correctly warned that lockdowns would cause devastation were summarily demonized, smeared, cancelled and deplatformed, what if any punishment will lockdown advocates who got everything wrong face?

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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I doubt any of the arrogant, ignorant Covidians will ever snap out of it.
The whole idea was not just irrational but immoral. Too complex to explain here.
We should forgive. But I’m very, very ANGRY at the Covidians who are now vaxxholes.
Pleading “But the poor wittle things had mass formation psychosis and can’t be held accountable” is BS.
Mass hypnosis is the name. Hypnosis cannot be done against the will of the subject. While hypnotized they cannot be persuaded to violate their moral principles.
So–yeah–they are 100% morally responsible for everything they’ve done. “Mass formation” or not


The atrocities people are willing to commit against other humans in the quest of belonging to the ruling class are shocking.

Erik Nielsen

Lock Down was a financial issue only. No one has to repent for something initiated and ordered by Finance.


When is the missing link coming? There never has been a “virus” isolated. Never. This clears a path for even more incredible truths. Red pill time!


Just another Ferguson. They should have drinks. They think alike–STUPID, RIDICULOUS, UNSCIENTIFIC, LYING BULLSHIT would be the perfect topic for both sick idiots. Yes! Invite Mann, too. He’s not showing remorse but covering his ass, yet again. Damage is done. He’s just as big a murderer, killer and maimer of children and adults as Boris, Biden, Trudeau, Schwab, et al. How is that Ph.D. fitting these days, Woolhouse? Hmmmm? Let’s see. That’s over 1+million deaths, uncountable injuries, child abuse/serious development delays. Yeah, that’s about it for now. This entire episode of world history was a test in ethics, integrity and… Read more »

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