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Glasgow, COP26, World Economic Forum, Great Reset

Get ready for the “Glasgow Declaration” as the UN meets with global oligarchs from the World Economic Forum in Glasgow to hammer out the destruction of the old economic system and the initiation of the Great Reset. As attendees fly in on private jets, the discussions will focus on removing carbon from the atmosphere

Flashback: Why Coronavirus Will Accelerate The Great Reset

This chilling article is a must-read to understand why the pandemic is the ramrod for the Great Reset. One silver lining, it states, “is the chance to experiment with technologies and co-operative approaches across borders”.  Thus, the entire human race is seen as their experimental laboratory to try out new technologies like genetic engineering, universal ID, etc.

How The Great Reset Is Accelerating Into Global Tyranny

Since 1978, I have stated that the global elite’s goal is to grab all of the resources of the world, leaving no private ownership for anyone else. When I discovered historic Technocracy, it was clear that it was the means used to do so. Today, it is in-your-face obvious. If they are successful, it will represent the greatest heist in the history of the world.

Endgame: Forced Vaccination Targets WEF ‘Great Reset’ As Outcome

Don’t be “gaslighted” by the World Economic Forum or the Big Pharma medical system: These have declared war on humanity by ripping apart the fabric of society through tyranny. It is a scorched-earth strategy that provides the survivors with the opportunity to “build back better.” The losers will left in a state of neo-feudalism where “you will own nothing and be happy.”

Mercola On Convergence: Transhumanism And The Great Reset

The World Economic Forum is not only thoroughly bonded to Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy, but also to Transhumanism leading to biodigital convergence. All is based on scientism and the worship of science as the only source of truth for mankind’s future.