Technocrat Al Gore Won’t Deny He Will Run For President

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TN Note: Several months ago, this editor predicted that Al Gore might run for President. He is the only Democrat in sight that has a relatively clean bio, and has been out of politics long enough (15 years) that the younger generation of Democrats will remember nothing of his tenure as Vice President under Bill Clinton. Furthermore, Gore has a latent yet defeated passion to be president, and that never fades away. Both Clinton and Gore were members of the elitist Trilateral Commission.

We all know where former vice president Al Gore stands when it comes to climate change, but what about a presidential bid for 2016? His name has routinely been floated as a potential Democratic candidate at every primary since losing the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000, but unlike 2004 and 2008, the environmental activist has yet to publicly rule out the possibility of a run. In fact, he’s remained especially shy on the subject this time around, keeping us all wondering about what would be a major political comeback.

But when Fusion’s Jorge Ramos had a chance to catch up with Gore in Miami while he was in town for a conference held by The Climate Reality Project (of which he is Chairman and founder), Gore carefully chose his words when asked point-blank if he will run, and never flat-out said, “No.”

“Are you considering running for president?” Ramos asked.

“I’m a recovering politician,” Gore said. “I’ve said that before but it’s still true. And the longer I go without a relapse, the less likely there will be one.”

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Craig Stelck

Patrick and the like minded organizations need to explain who started the U.N. and why in the most short and simplest form. It’s much too complicated for just about every citizen. Our elite bloodline Fed Reserve owners started the U.N. to take the power from our government and run it through their chosen in the U.N. These vampires run and finance the western countries to say the least. Gore, Clinton’s, Bush’s etc. are all in with this and that’s why they never put any blame on each other. NWO! GORE-BULL WARMING or climate change is the new communism. If the… Read more »