World’s First Mega Lab-Grown Meat Factory To Produce 5,000 Burgers Per Day

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Technocrats think that they can out-perform nature by creating meat in a factory. Agenda 21/2030 seeks to eliminate traditional ranching and farm animals as being “unsustainable”. Products will hit shelves in 2022. ⁃ TN Editor

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Great Reset plan includes a complete transformation of the global food and agricultural industries and the dieting of humans. The architects behind this plan are preparing for a meatless society with the introduction of cell-based, slaughter-free meat.

Before this decade is over, we’re all going to be eating some form of slaughter-free meat, including chicken, pork and lamb, and beef. The point of all this is to generate fewer greenhouse emissions at cattle farms, use less land for farming, and reduce the use of freshwater and grains for the traditional process of growing livestock.

The aim is for a sustainable future, and already we’ve noted a few companies producing cell-based, slaughter-free meat. However, these facilities are operating at limited output as it is costly to produce fake meat.

That’s where Future Meat Technologies of Israel comes into play with their brand new facility able to pump out 500 kilograms (1,102 pounds) of cultured meat products per day, or the equivalence about 5,000 hamburgers per day.

“This facility opening marks a huge step in Future Meat Technologies’ path to market, serving as a critical enabler to bring our products to shelves by 2022,” said Rom Kshuk, CEO of Future Meat Technologies. “Having a running industrial line accelerates key processes such as regulation and product development.”

Kshuk said the facility produces cultured chicken, pork, and lamb products, and beef production will be coming online soon.

The company’s platform enables fast production cycles—about 20 times shorter than traditional farming.

Yaakov Nahmias, the company’s founder and chief scientific officer, said, “our goal is to make cultured meat affordable for everyone, while ensuring we produce delicious food that is both healthy and sustainable, helping to secure the future of coming generations.” 

It seems as Nahmias’ roadmap for commercializing lab-grown meat plays into the “great reset” plan orchestrated by WEF.

So we don’t confuse readers, cultured meat products are different from plant-based imitation meat companies, such as Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat.

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Patrick Wood
Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
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It will be a cold day in hell before I eat this gmo lab made crap! I am a proud member of PETA! People eating tasty animals! How about we go back to old school farming, raising pasture raised and finished real meat? It’s a win win. We get delicious nutritious real meats and replenish the lands with regenerative farming. Its time to leave nature to nature.
As a true meat lover, I’d go vegan before I’d even dream of eating this franken food. God gave us farm animals for a reason! Leave them alone! Now where’s my ribeye…..


You’re right about going vegan versus eating GMO Franken meat. If I can’t have real meat. I will grant the globalists their wish on not eating meat. I bet they will have all the meat they want at their disposal for sure.


Yep, agree. Go vegan? OK. However you’d need to augment your diet with Vitamin D and Vitamin B. Mushrooms have some D. Otherwise, there is none of either vitamin in a vegan diet. They are only provided in meats, fish and dairy. Vitamin D and B and essential to a healthy body. That fact makes veganism one of the worst choices for a healthy diet since the no-fat 80’s stupidity was promulgated and corporate food makers filled the shelves with diet food promises–all lies. You could benefit from the site Listen to his information about the grand solar minimum… Read more »


Well according to Nasa…. According to their clock, the Sun’s next quiet period will begin around the first half of 2027. If Solar Cycle 25 meets the panel’s predictions, it should be weaker than average. Cycle 25 is also expected to end a longer trend over the past four decades, in which the magnetic field at the Sun’s poles were gradually weakening. As a result, the solar cycles have been steadily weaker too. If Solar Cycle 25 sees an end to this waning, it would quell speculations that the Sun might enter a grand solar minimum, a decades-to-centuries long stretch… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by hyden

Yes, well it’s NASA. What else have they lied about and been lying about for decades? I wouldn’t believe them on a stack of Bibles with documents in hand.


I was assured that cycle 25 would be stronger by a leading solar scientist, my problem was his certainty. My problem was if he had the same in the investment community, he would have to put caveat on it.


what will it be called SPAM? looks and sounds disgusting.

Walter White

The only way I can see them being able to produce at high enough volume in a reasonable amount of time is if they’re adding a lot of fillers to the frankemeat, either during the process itself or right before market. Undoubtedly it will be heavily processed. As usual, details are scant. As they say, “you don’t want to know how the sausage is made.”


Patrick, it’s apparent that satanists are going to force everything down our throats they can get away with. One good thing I can say about evil doers. Their evil will drive people closer to God instead of driving them away. This turn of events evildoers have not counted on. But I firmly believe that their evil will work out for the salvation of many (Romans 8:28).

Patrick Campbell

But didn’t God create the evil exactly for that purpose? I mean, Satan is His creation. And doesn’t God know everything that’s going to happen? Then it is God who has created this worldwide evil to “save” those who are not loyal to “Him”. This is a problem. That means that God is playing both sides; sounds more like a trap scenario. We were created to be akin to His toys, but we are not His toys, we are His/Its prisoners; being manipulated by use of the greatest evil ever: the nervous system. Without the nervous system, we would be… Read more »

Val Valerian

Might as well be a new version of Soylant Green, like the movie. It’s obvious to most people with critical thought and an IQ more than two digits that the planet is controlled by bona fide psychopathic technocrats who, like governments, can only lie, cheat, steal and kill relative to the population. We’re not eating bugs, either.


The company quotes are no more than an advertisement for making this slop–corporate speak for profit. IT IS NOT FOOD. IT IS NOT REAL. It’s chemistry. Again, the Technocrats worldwide give humanity a thing to put into your body that is foreign. God knows what is really in this ‘meat-food’. No one should put fake food into their body. But that has never stopped the stupid crowd from buying into group think–decades of diet food being one example. Technocrats are murderous; we know that for a fact. They’ve already murdered a portion of the world’s population with covid while preventing… Read more »


Meatless is nothing new. I was put into a religious cult as a child eating this disgusting food. I later ran away from the live in academy at 16 and never went back and that was years ago. Check this out the experts on fake meat are the Seventh Day Adventists and have been for a very long time, that is how they make their money and with their prophetesses plagiarized books too!

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Tam Heim

Watch Soylent Green.

[…] World’s First Mega Lab-Grown Meat Factory To Produce 5,000 Burgers Per Day ( […]

William Sipp

Have you seen the old movie “Soylent Green”?


I just read today that DARPA is working on some kind of fake food made of “waste product” to deal with Biden’s supply chain catastrophe. What is “waste product”? Poop? Humans? Who knows.

Lolita Bilu

This is straight bullshit!! How do they think to control every SINGLE THING IN MY FU**ING LIFE FOR ME… WHY DONT THEY JUST COME OVER AND WIPE MY ASS FOR ME eh Bill? That’ll be the day I eat your fetal abortion meat you sick FU**!!
GOD?? Lol… Oh YA… I forgot… He DOES THINK HES god!!! Punk-assed Bitch!!!

Gringo Starbuck

If you ain’t vaxed you ain’t going to be eating anything. Your furute is limited and you better enjoy it.


1 Timothy 4: 1-5

Last edited 1 year ago by Phil

LOL@sustainable. I’m sure the Bilderberg group will be sitting around eating fake food. NOT! Sustainable is code word for depriving the masses of human dignity. We will be their pets forced to eat human alpo and obey their every command.


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I have been eating soy burgers for years so when beyond meat came out I tried it. It tasted ok but it made me feel horribly bloated after I ate it and got diarrhea. I tried it a second time to be sure and same results.I think I will take a hard pass and stick with natural veggie burgers.


McDonald’s sells about 650,000 burgers per day