February 2017

Cyber security Expert: Your Smartphone Will Soon ID You

Several parts of this new technology have been floating around for a couple of years, but now it has all congealed into a draconian nightmare: Your smartphone will, thanks to as many as a dozen on-board sensors, be able to ID you, just by being on your person. Thus, your identity could precede you like radar in reverse.

Smart Cities

Will Trump Appease Technocrats By Focusing On Funding Smart Cities?

The three major topics of Smart Cities are infrastructure, connectivity and Internet of Things. Wherever you see or hear these words, you are touching Technocracy. Trump has already pledged to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, and he has appointed two infrastructure specialists to his cabinet: Elaine Chao as Secretary of Transportation and Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy. Both were heavily involved in the execution of George W. Bush’s North American Union scheme with Mexico and Canada.

Humans 2.0

Humans 2.0: Geneticists Pursuing Artificially Synthesized DNA

The transhuman dream is to scientifically create life via genetic engineering and then apply it to themselves in hopes of achieving immortality. If it were not for their 100% funding from public sources, these scientists would be rubbing two sticks together in the woods trying to kindle a fire.

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