July 6, 2018


Facebook Is Fact-Checking Conservative Sites into Oblivion

This is a very important story to understand because Facebook, et. al., have found a new tool to destroy alternative media: ‘fact checking.’ Facebook’s third-party fact checkers hardly know one end of truth from the other, but they make hard assertions in spite of it.

‘Miracle Milly’: Dog Cloned 49 Times In Pointless Genetic Study

Scientists say they want to discover the DNA responsible for the dog’s small size, but in the process are perfecting cloning technology. This smacks of Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) where humans were cloned (doppelgängers) to fill particular classes of jobs in society; procreation outside of the laboratory was forbidden.

Beware: Researcher Says Most Scientific Studies Are Wrong

The glaring fallacy in Technocracy is that the data are bent to justify their theories. This crept in when early Technocrats realized that their ‘Science of Social Engineering’ could not be supported with legitimate data. Today’s news plays out like the childhood game ‘Simon Says” but substituted with ‘Science Says’.