July 27, 2018


Spy vs. Spy – Silicon Valley Is Destination Of Choice For Espionage

Just as regular citizens have no expectation of privacy for personal information, Big Tech has no expectation of privacy for their technology secrets. Why? Because its entire culture is riddled with working spies from foreign actors that feel they have as much right to technology as the ones who invented it in the first place, even if they have to steal it.

The Ridiculous Myth Of Powering The Nation With Renewable Energy

Technocrats should back up a few steps and look at the foolishness of their plans: To power America with 100% renewable enerty they propose 500,000 wind turbines, 18 billion square feet of solar panels, 75 million residential rooftop systems, 50,000 wind and solar farms. The projected cost is a minimum of $15.2 Trillion. However, we are already fully powered with enough oil, natural gas and coal resources to last another 200 years.