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Putin Warns Of Super Soldiers ‘Worse Than Nukes’ Who Feel No Fear

If governments need to regulate super-soldiers, that means that they will be the ones creating them as well. Technocrats who are  invading human DNA via CRISPR technology are practicing the worst form of eugenics ever seen on the face of the earth.
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China Outraces US In Quantum Computing And Quantum Encryption

If China wins the Quantum computing war, it will obsolete land-based communication infrastructure and give China complete dominance over data encryption. China has already indicated that it will invest whatever resources are necessary to win this race, which many have compared to the original race to land on the moon.
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China Building Huge Facial Recognition Database To ID Any Citizen Within 3 Seconds

As it collects vast troves of data on its citizens, China is advancing as a Technocracy and is headed for complete Scientific Dictatorship within a few years. Americans do not understand that this technology and mindset is also targeted for America with the same result.
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