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Barbara Malthusian Hubbard: From Limits to Growth to UN Agenda 2030

Klyczek: “Malthusianism is the bedrock of Darwinism, which is the foundation of eugenics, which is the cornerstone of transhumanism. Put another way, transhumanism encompasses both the Malthusian-sustainable control of population quantity and the Darwinian-eugenic control of population quality by means of technocracy. “

UN 2030 Agenda’s Lust For Control Is Behind Global Energy Shortages

This article exemplifies the outcome of the UN’s war on energy, and Europe is going to experience the full effect of it with a cold winter, high energy prices and restricted food intake. There is NO shortage of energy anywhere on earth. All shortages are driven by the disingenuous policies of 2030 Agenda and sustainable development, aka Technocracy. Technocracy’s war on humanity is intensifying but is still not recognized by the vast majority of citizens who are affected by it.