Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent

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Prior to taking any unapproved drug, you have the right to receive a broad and complete spectrum of information about the potential effects of those drugs on your body, in order for you to give “informed consent” or to refuse. Dr. Blaylock wrote this especially for this purpose.

There are four major companies offering the COVID-19 “vaccines” (biological bioengineered agents); Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca. Two (Pfizer and Moderna) use a technology never before approved or used “vaccine” called a messenger RNA (mRNA) biological.

The mRNA biologicals encase spike protein producing mRNA within a nanoparticle capsule–LNP [which contains nano-sized polyethylene glycol (PEG)] to protect the mRNA from enzymatic destruction by the vaccinated person’s cells. This prolongs the survival of the mRNA, allowing it to continuously produce the spike protein in your body.  The latter two biologicals, from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, utilize a single vaccine technology involving the use of an altered, attenuated virus (Adeno26) to generate antibodies to the spike protein.

This man-made virus literally infects the person with a spike protein-containing virus. You should know that the spike protein is the pathological part of the COVID-19 virus. In essence, you have a man-made virus, and mRNA biological that does exactly what the COVID-19 virus does to you—it exposes you to massive amounts of spike protein. Once in the body this spike protein can enter all tissues—including the heart, the brain, the lungs, the kidneys, the eyes, and the liver.  The two main sites it invades with the spike protein are the liver and the spleen—both major immune regulating sites.

Dr. Blaylock’s Informed Consent Brochures available at Citizens For Free Speech. Click the button below.

Since no studies have been done on what happens to the spike proteins once they have been injected and most important, how long the mRNA will keep producing the spike proteins, we have no idea concerning the safety of these vaccines. Moderna and Johnson & Johnson have never made a vaccine before this.

It is also important to appreciate that biodistribution studies have shown that the mRNA injected into a person’s body has been found to deposit a small amount of the mRNA into several tissues, most importantly into the brain. This means that the mRNA from the vaccine is producing large amounts of the spike protein directly into your brain for what could be a prolonged period. In such a location as the brain, the spike protein will act as a continuous source of inflammation and excitotoxicity (immunoexcitotoxicity), known to be a central mechanism of several neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease and ALS, among others.

Most important, one should understand these are experimental vaccines and do not have the approval of the regulatory agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In order to allow the population to use these entirely experimental biologicals the government had to declare this “pandemic” a medical emergency and utilize Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)—which emphasizes that the agents are not approved and are entirely experimental. The vaccine approval process for an experimental vaccine normally requires a period as long as ten years of intensive study before a vaccine is approved.

In this case, these companies were studying these vaccines for only two months before they were released, despite the recommendation by the FDA they be studied a minimum of 2 years before approval. Meetings by the regulatory agencies were unable to come to a firm conclusion on the length of the studies needed, so EUA proceeded despite the inherent dangers to the public.

You should be aware that the so-called “studies” by these makers of the vaccines were badly flawed, in that placebos and blinding of the studies were abandoned before adequate studies were completed. This prevents researchers and regulatory agencies from being able to determine if a product is actually safe or effective.

As mentioned, the pharmaceutical companies did not conduct studies to see how the injected biologicals were distributed in the body or how long the immune stimulation would continue—which is absolutely vital as regard to safety and the risk of long-term side effects. The biodistribution studies were done independently.

You should also be aware that research on mRNA vaccines in the past demonstrated many problems and unknowns. Among these concerns are:

  • Possible injection site severe reactions, such as severe pain and swelling at the injection site.
  • Persistence of an intense immune reaction producing continuous tissue and organ destruction.
  • Induction of autoimmunity involving a number of tissues and organs (we known that the spike protein cross-reacts with over 28 human tissues and cell components.)
  • Induction of swelling of various tissues (edema)
  • Problems with coagulation, which can include bleeding and/or blood clots.
  • Induction of immune cell priming, which can set the stage for widespread inflammatory tissue destruction and agonizing death.
  • Triggering of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease and especially ALS.
  • Triggering transverse myelitis with permanent paralysis—either paraplegia or quadriplegia.
  • Triggering of multiple sclerosis
  • Worsening of reactions to wild type virus in vaccinated individuals, leading to severe immune reactions or death.
  • Myocarditis and sudden cardiac death or progressive heart failure.

Is a vaccine really needed?

Vaccine manufacture has become the major profit maker for pharmaceutical companies, especially for vaccines that are recommended or mandated each year. This has already been proposed for this set of vaccines. This is especially so now that these corporations have been given legal protection from lawsuits by Congress.

Of most importance, is that this virus is being treated as if it were a deadly pandemic of major proportions. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the concept of a “pandemic”. Most assume that any virus that spreads rapidly over the entire globe qualifies. If this were so, the common cold viruses would constitute a pandemic several times a year.

Prior to this event, a pandemic must not only spread around the world rapidly, but it must cause a high death rate among all groups—the healthy, the elderly, both genders and the young. This virus is a danger in essentially one major group—the elderly having two or more major chronic diseases. Death and severe illness in younger age groups are among those who have immune deficiency disorders—obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, hereditary immunodeficiencies and HIV infection.

Because this virus did not meet the accepted criteria for a pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) changed the criteria, dropping the necessity for the virus to be deadly for a significant percentage of the population or causing severe injuries to a mass of the population. This virus has never even come close to satisfying these criteria.

Worse, to increase the perception that everyone was in danger, the public health authorities were instructed by the CDC to only use the RT-PCR tests to diagnose cases and specifically instructed these agencies to set the cycles far beyond what was standard for accurate testing (20 to 30 cycles). By doing this, the CDC, and other agencies, turned negative tests into false positive tests—making it appear that the infection was everywhere.

Worse still, they instructed all hospitals to sign out all hospital deaths as being COVID-19 deaths if at any time in the previous month they had a positive RT-PCR test. This included suicides, car accidents, deaths from a heart attack and many more such examples. Death certificates for people dying in their homes were also altered to imply they all died of COVID-19.

The government also paid hospitals more if they listed their serious cases as being COVID-19 cases and making a pay scale to the hospital that paid more if the person was placed on a respirator.

When examining the death rate by age, it is seen that this virus is hardly the 1918 flu virus authorities are implying it to be.

Official data shows that the non-institutionalized fatal infection ratio for all age groups is 0.26%. For those less than age 40, the risk of dying from this virus falls to 0.01%, meaning these people have a 99.99% chance they will recover should they become infected. In Italy, which had the highest death rate from this virus in the world, they found that over 98% of the case fatalities occurred among those over age 80 years who had at least two prior major medical conditions.

In the beginning, the majority of deaths in the United States occurred in nursing homes—close to 50% of all deaths. In addition, at least two highly successful treatments exist for the most at-risk patients—hydroxy-chloroquine and ivermectin. The latter had a 90% recovery rate among a very large number of hospitalized patients, most having a complete recovery. When effective treatments are available for an infectious disease, there is no need for a vaccine.

Now, to further determine if the vaccines are worth taking, one should examine the death rate associated with the vaccine as compared to the virus infection itself.

Data on vaccine related deaths come from the CDC-associated site called the vaccine adverse events recording system (VAERS). It has been determined by several studies that VAERS collects only cases supplied by the either patients or the government and that no more than 1% of complications are actually reported. Reporting by physicians is not mandatory. Incidences reported to VAERS by patients are investigated to affirm they are legitimate.

The latest VAER’s figures suggest that more than 4200 people have died in connection with the vaccines. Of these, 943 who died were ages 12 to 17 years old. For a published analysis one must go back to an earlier date, as it was used in a calculation for comparison—vaccine deaths vs COVID infection deaths.

At the time of this study, 1551 deaths were reported to VAERS. That would be a death rate of 0.0028%. If we correct for the poor reporting, we will see there were most likely 155,100 deaths or 0.28% death rate for all the vaccinated. The death rate from the infection itself was 0.01% for those under age 40 years. That would mean that the death rate from the vaccine was approximately 28 times higher than the death rate from the virus itself.

Another way to look at it is to compare the death rates associated with the flu vaccine with that of these COVID-19 vaccines. Between the years 2019 and 2020 some 170 million Americans took the flu vaccine. Of this number there were 45 deaths associated with the flu vaccine. That is a death rate of 0.0000265%. The death rate for COVID vaccine is stated by proponents as being 0.0024%, over 90-times higher than with the flu shot. Another way of looking at this is to examine the actual death figures for each year. In 2017 there were 20 deaths and in 2019, 45 deaths associated with the flu shot.

This year, 4200 plus persons have died after taking these COVID-19 vaccines—93-times higher for these vaccines than the flu vaccine. Obviously, something is very wrong with these vaccines and with the regulatory agencies and all those pushing these vaccines on the public. An analysis of data collected by the Israeli Health Ministry discovered that the vaccines killed 40 times more elderly people than did the disease itself. Even more shocking, their analysis demonstrated that the vaccines killed 260 times more of the younger individuals than did the infection itself.

One of the major differences between the death rate for people infected with the virus itself and those dying as a result of the vaccine is that the former occurs almost exclusively in the elderly in poor health, and the vaccine related deaths are occurring in a far greater number of the healthy young and healthy elderly.

With this information, it is obvious a vaccine is not needed.

So, what about the elderly at-risk people? Would they not benefit from the vaccine since they are at the highest risk? The problem with this is that such individuals would not be able to respond to any vaccine in a way that would be protective. We learned this with the flu vaccines.

Elderly people, especially those with chronic debilitating illnesses and frailty, cannot mount a sufficient immune response to vaccination to protect themselves from such an infection. Despite this (mainly for profit) vaccine promoters encourage these elderly immune deficient individuals to get vaccinated anyway. There are many ways to protect these individuals outside vaccinations. The law now says we cannot mention them.

What are the Serious Complications and Side Effects Associated with these Vaccines?

While death is of major concern as regards these vaccine reactions, severe, permanent and often crippling side effects are of equal concern, especially for younger people and children. According to the latest numbers collected by VAERS, over 18,500 people have been permanently injured by these vaccines. Keep in mind that this is only 1% of the actual number of such victims of these vaccines.

At minimum, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of permanently damaged people. And this is just the early reported cases—long term, over years, the numbers most likely will be far higher. For example, it was found that after three years following the hepatitis B vaccine, there was a 3-fold increase in multiple sclerosis in those receiving the vaccine.

Blood Clots and Hemorrhages

Soon after these vaccines were released to the general public, a number of cases of blood clots and bleeding episodes began to be reported—mostly among the younger age group, even teenagers. For example, a 17-year-old boy in Utah was hospitalized with two blood clots on his brain after his first dose of the vaccine.

This side effect has been labeled as the vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenic syndrome. From December 2020 to April 2021 there have been 1,845 cases of clotting disorders reported. Among these 655 were reported after the Pfizer vaccine, 577 after the Moderna vaccine and 608 after the J&J vaccine. Several cases of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) have been reported after these vaccinations.

Cerebral sinus thrombosis results in a devastating stroke effect that severely damages both sides of the brain, should it involve the superior saggital sinus. A study reported in the journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons reported 37 cases of vaccine-associated microthrombi in the brain, heart, liver and kidneys. Most of these clotting problems are associated in young people getting the vaccines. Strokes of varying severity have also been reported.

In Austria there appeared two reports of blood clotting disorders linked to these vaccines. In one such case a 49-year-old nurse died from a severe coagulation disorder and a 35 -year-old nurse at the same hospital developed a pulmonary embolism days after her vaccine. It is interesting to note that coagulation problems also occur with the natural infection, suggesting that by flooding the body with the spike protein, the same mechanism is responsible for the vaccine coagulopathy problems as seen with the natural infection, but on a larger scale and incidence.

As of March 16, 2021, approximately 20 European countries suspended the use of the AstraZeneca’s vaccine, primarily because of the associated blood clots in vaccine recipients. According to the Defender, AstraZeneca vaccine had 77% more adverse events than the Pfizer vaccine.

Anaphylactoid Immune Reactions

Almost immediately after the vaccines were released, allergic reactions to the vaccine components were being reported—usually involving an anaphylactoid reaction of major proportions and in some cases with a lethal outcome. Most of the reactions have occurred with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. While rare, these reactions can be deadly and occur within minutes to one hour after receiving the vaccines.

With these vaccines being given at drive throughs, pharmacies and now military troops, the risk of someone dying from this reaction is greatly increased.

So far, the main culprit with these allergic reactions appears to be the use of polyethylene glycol (PEG) as an ingredient. The PEG is used to re-enforce the lipid nanoparticle shield used to protect the mRNA from being destroyed by enzymes within the cells that take up the foreign mRNA. This allows the mRNA to keep producing the spike proteins in your body far longer than the government, media proponents or pharmaceutical makers claim.

The use of PEG (called a PEGylated product) in one experimental study using people was halted when 96 people among the 1600 study participants developed an allergic reaction and one died.

Serious Side Effects

VAERS has recorded a number of serious side effects among people vaccinated with these vaccines. These include:

  • Persistent malaise
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Multisystem inflammatory syndrome
  • Myocarditis
  • Chronic seizures
  • Paralysis
  • Loss of hearing
  • Psychological effects: mood changes, anxiety, confusion, difficulty finding words, recent memory loss, and bizarre, frightening thoughts.
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Swollen, painful lymph nodes
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Miscarriages and premature births among vaccinated pregnant women
  • Severe headaches, migraines that do not respond to medications
  • Cardiac problems—heart arrhythmias, tachycardia, and sudden heart failure
  • Strokes
  • Visual problems and blindness
  • Encephalitis/encephalomyelitis and brain stem encephalitis
  • Narcolepsy
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Arthritis/joint pains
  • Venous thromboembolism

As of May 20th, 2021 besides the 4,205 reported vaccine-related deaths, there were:

  • 2,275 cases of Bell’s palsy
  • 195 cases of Guillian Barre syndrome
  • 65,854 cases of anaphylactoid reaction
  • 3,758 cases of clotting disorders and other serious conditions.
  • 1,140 vaccinated pregnant women had an adverse event, including 351 cases of miscarriages or premature births.

It is known that activation of the immune system systemically (as with vaccinations) also powerfully activates the immune cells of the central nervous system, primarily microglia. We call this process, priming. Despite being activated, the microglia do not release high levels of inflammatory chemicals (cytokines, chemokines, and interferon). The second activation of the immune system by the second dose of the vaccine then not only fully activates these brain immune cells they are intensely activated, doing great harm to the brain over a prolonged period.  When stimulated by the second dose these brain immune cells release high levels of destructive inflammatory mediators and excitotoxins (immunoexcitotoxicity).

Of great concern with this vaccine is the fact that the spike protein can easily enter the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) where it can act as a continuous source of microglial activation and subsequent destruction of brain cells and spinal cord cells. In my opinion, there is a significant risk of inducing chronic neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and especially Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), in individuals receiving these vaccines. Subsequent vaccines of other types (influenza, shingles, meningococcus vaccines) will worsen these destructive disorders and make them more likely to occur.

Individuals with preexisting neurological disorders, such as head injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia and autism spectrum disorders, will be at a very high risk of worsening of their condition with these vaccines. No provisions are being made to exclude these individuals from receiving these vaccines, despite the extreme danger.

Dangers to Pregnant Women and Their Baby

As stated, as of May 20, 2021 approximately 1,140 pregnant women reported adverse events after receiving one or two doses of this vaccine. In the past, it was standard knowledge that a woman should not receive any vaccine during pregnancy or if a woman even intends to get pregnant. The WHO agreed with this policy but because of objections from the CDC, they switched their recommendations from no vaccines to endorsing the vaccination of all pregnant women. This is despite the admission by all the makers of these vaccines that no studies of the effect of these vaccines on pregnant women or their babies had been conducted.

Yet, extensive independent research has been done on the effect of immune stimulation during pregnancy. It is known that such stimulation during the last trimester of pregnancy, and even during the first two years after birth, increases the incidence of autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia dramatically in the offspring. Immune stimulation early in pregnancy results in high rates of miscarriage. So far, we have had 351 reports of miscarriage and premature births among women vaccinated during pregnancy.

Keep in mind that VAERS represents only 1% of the actual number of adverse event cases, so the number of women losing babies is far higher. These reports are not mandated by the physician and one can imagine that an OB doctor who recommended the vaccine to their pregnant patients would not want to admit the vaccine was responsible for the loss of their patient’s baby.

Because no research has been done on the long-term effects of these biological agents (vaccines) we have no idea what will happen to these children, who do survive, over their lifetime. No one in a position of responsibility seems to care.

It is also important to keep in mind that most children in the United States receive over 40 vaccine injections before they attend school. Pediatricians are giving as many as eight vaccines during a single office visit. This causes extreme priming of the brain’s microglia, which has been shown to set the stage for serious, permanent neurological damage when subsequent vaccines are given.

These COVID-19 vaccines produce more powerful immune stimulation than traditional vaccines, meaning the risk to children will be much higher, not just for neurological damage but for death.

There are over one million children suffering with autism spectrum disorders whose lives have been ruined by the extreme vaccine schedule thus far. This will pale in comparison to what the COVID-19 vaccines will do to our youth.

Special Danger to Women in General

From the reports now seen in the VAERS system, all women are at risk from these vaccines, especially to their reproductive health. Studies have shown that the spike protein released by these vaccines, contains a protein that strongly resembles a protein essential to a successful pregnancy (called syncytin-1). Activating the immune system against this spike protein would mean that a young woman may never be able to get pregnant.

Other studies indicate that the vaccines are also causing a number of menstrual problems. These include:

  • Extensive bleeding with blood clots
  • Prolonged period (even a month long)
  • Severe cramping
  • Premature menopause
  • Delayed or absent periods

Excessive bleeding could lead to severe iron deficiency which is associated with a number of medical disorders besides anemia. None of the clinical trials before these vaccines were released even looked at the effect on a woman’s menstrual cycles.

Heart Inflammation

The VAERS report identified 75 cases of myocarditis after the mRNA vaccines. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle which can lead to progressive heart failure and arrhythmias. Details leaked from the Israeli Health Ministry linked 62 cases of myocarditis including 2 deaths with the Pfizer vaccine. Fifty-six of the cases were associated with the second dose. The ages spanned from 18 years of age to age 30. The VAERS reported cases of myocarditis spanned from age 17 to age 44 years.

Vaccine-Induced Autoimmune Diseases

Two recent studies examined the cross-reactivity of a number of human tissue components and the spike protein. Both studies found extensive cross-reactivity, which means that these vaccines can induce severe autoimmune diseases in a great number of tissues and organs. This includes autoimmune thyroiditis, autoimmune diabetes, systemic Lupus, uveitis, psoriasis, autoimmune kidney disease, autoimmune encephalitis and many more diseases. The onset of these autoimmune disorders can be delayed by months, years and even decades after the vaccines.

Two separate studies found severe cross-reactivity between the spike proteins and human tissues and cell components. One of these cell components includes the mitochondria, the source of energy for all cells. An autoimmune attack would cause severe weakness and impair a number of organs, such as the liver, the heart and the brain. Neurologically, this could translate into brain fog, confusion, disorientation, and poor memory and learning ability.

Vaccine-Induced Visual Disorders

Several cases of visual impairment and even total blindness have been reported following these vaccines. According to the World Health Organization’s European drug monitoring agency there have been nearly 20,000 reports of eye disorders following the COVID vaccines. These include the following problems:

  • Eye pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye swelling
  • Itching eyes
  • Double vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Periorbital swelling
  • Swelling of eyelids
  • Blindness (298 cases)
  • Hemorrhage in the conjunctiva
  • Blepharospasm
  • Eye hemorrhage

The fate of these individual’s vision in the future is a big unknown. Many have also reported, along with the visual problems, strange sensations in their head, severe headaches and difficulty thinking clearly.

Long Term Effects

While the regulatory agencies suggested a two-year follow-up for these experimental vaccines, no action was taken to enforce this. Now that the so-called pandemic is essentially over, there is no reason to continue “fast-tracking” this vaccine. The full procedure for vaccine studies should now be implemented. As the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) have never been used among the public, it should be classified as “experimental” until extensive long-term studies are completed and in a much more comprehensive and transparent way than they have thus far. No vaccine should be mandated, but an experimental vaccine certainly should not be mandated.

With 51 percent of the nation now vaccinated with these experimental vaccines, and with approximately one billion people worldwide, this will constitute the largest experiment ever perpetrated on the world’s population. No one knows what the long-term effects of this grand experiment for a non-pandemic virus will be. Potentially it could kill tens of millions, cripple for life far more, and sterilize great numbers of young women around the world. At this point we just don’t know. It has been suggested by some medical experts that brand new diseases may arise from the use of these vaccines.

Editor's Note: If you take and are injured by a vaccine, you can and should report your condition to your doctor and the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). For instructions, go to ⁃ TN Editor


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Dr. Russell Blaylock, author of the Blaylock Report Wellness newsletter, is a nationally recognized board certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer. He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine and completed his internship and neurological residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. For 26 years, he practiced neurosurgery. He recently retired from his neurosurgical duties to devote his full attention to nutritional research. Dr. Blaylock has authored several books, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, Health and Nutrition Secrets That Can Save Your Life, Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, Dr. Blalock’s Prescriptions for Natural Health, was a Co-author of Cellular and Molecular Biology of Autism Spectrum Disorders and his most recent work, The Liver Cure.

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This sickens me to nausea. Many of my family members got the jab. They knew full well the consequences, they were told. Here are the excuses to take the jab. We would not be allowed to go and watch our children’s sports. We would not get to go to Europe cause one of the nephews is stationed there being in the military. Our daughter has type 2 diabetes and we don’t want to give her Covid, and our jobs require it. You see we live in Oregon. We are at about 60 percent and our dear gov. Kate Brown wants… Read more »


You are right about not bothering to warn people anymore about toxic medicines or vaccines. I had a covid jab lover grilling me about 2 weeks about taking the covid jab. I told him that I don’t take medicines for conditions for viruses and diseases that don’t affect me. Most folks won’t research or consider the risks and dangers of flooding their bodies with toxins until they hijack and destroy their immune systems. Maybe then people will start learning about medicines that can detox and heal their bodies.


What astonishes me is that there exists no reason whatsoever to take this risk. These experimental medications which are not vaccines, have been officially admitted to not stop one contracting the infection, nor from transmitting it again. They don’t stop death from it and do not reduce severe symptoms. At most they might reduce mild symptoms. That’s it? How would you even know? You can’t have an vaccinated clone of yourself as a placebo. This has to be the lowest benchmark ever for a vaccine. If it were any lower it would simply be claimed it will make you sicker… Read more »


Well said. It’s sad but so True.
Blessings to you and Yours.

These are absolutely both unprecedented, and biblical times!
NamastĂ© dear Lady🙏
Research Suramin and Pine Needle Tea/Infusion


I am not a god, neither are you, don’t say Namate to me. Nor am I divine, neither are you. I’m a saved sinner. Yoga should not be practiced by anyone. Yoga when practiced means your yoking with the so called god Brahman: In other wards you could get possessed by a demon. Watch out!


If you are Christian, then I hope you realise this includes the Mark of the Beast. Within a year they’ll officially have tracking chips in the shots and these will indicate one’s vax status. These will be the obvious evolution of the “vax passports”. The need will be because it will eliminate the ability of others to cheat. Right now it is possible to get a vax certificate from some doctors, while they flush the vax down the drain. So not fake even. However the injected chips won’t leave any loopholes. Don’t forget, if you get it, your immune system… Read more »


Your a Muslim and your talking about the mark of the beast? I did not know your religion taught that. As a born again Christian I can tell you with absolute certainty that I being part of the church of believers in Jesus Christ I will not be here for the mark of the beast (Revelation 13, the whole chapter). Read it here: Because Jesus will take his church out of this world before judgment. Who is the church? Born again believers in Jesus Christ the Messiah of Israel who is God Almighty who are a mix of all… Read more »


Oh the RFID chip story again! Look I understand why one would not want to take an experimental vaccine, that is still undergoing as yet uncompleted trials, but RFID chips are considerably larger then you think, and require and antenna larger then the chip itself to work. They are used in anti theft tags in retail, and in pets, the latter are encased in a small plastic vial. They are also semiconductors, which are opaque, there is no way they could be hidden from view, in a clear liquid, in a glass bottle. This is as nonsensical as the report… Read more »


Would you happen to know where I can find one of those doctors giving out certificates for flushing the vax down the drain? “Roll up you sleeve, sir. Oops! I accidently injected it right down the drain. Sometimes I can be so clumsy. Well, here’s your vaccination card. Have a nice day.”

By the way, I’m asking for a friend. Not even a friend really. More like just an acquaintance.

Corona Coronata

If people had read this information from a Swiss doctor, not a single one would have allowed him to be injected with the toxic mRNA stuff: (use translate option if necessary)

michael savell

I totally agree but it seems that there are experts now coming out of the woodwork.Most of this stuff has been reported in the winter of 2020 so why is it that some people seem to think they have been on the side of the good guys.We can only hope that those who have had the double shot vaccine will have only a mild illness rather than the terrible deaths forecast by the REAL virologists.Some how the west is going to have to get rid of all it’s politicians.There is no way that they can ever be allowed to adjudicate… Read more »

Steve Prewitt

If they had made a predictive Science Fiction movie about this 20 years ago no one would have believed it possible. The total abandonment of established checks and balances is conclusive evidence that the monopolists in collusion with the government (IOW the Corporatocracy) now firmly control the planet.


They pretty much did. A BBC drama called ‘Utopia’ aired in 2014 positing many of the themes we currently see proposed as ‘conspiracy theories’. Here’s a link. The Americans did a poor copy remake recently but the original British production has a cult following.


As mentioned in the article and elsewhere. The spike protein in the virus was what was sickening, maiming and killing people. And yet the so-called “antidote” was a spike protein manufacturing bomb added to the covid injections. We can see how that’s working out. I just read recently that nanoparticles added to the covid injections travel to and affect every major organ in the body. Actually, this is a worse outcome for previously healthy people than dealing with the covid19 virus pre-vaccination.

michael savell

Yea,slightly different to what Doctors etc said.They all seemed to think the protein stayed in the arm your actually is very mild considering(we hope)that the WOMAN made virus is not that much strongerthan the actual flu although we MUST ask LI-Wen about that as she seems to think some other substance is also present.


Excellent whole-face article.

[…] Quelle: Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]

[…] Quelle: Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]

[…] Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent ( […]


The vaccines are being linked to cardiac problems. This is likely because Pannex1 is being cleaved at the c-terminus, resulting in permanently open pores. ATP production is likely being enhanced via second messenger signaling, which is then leaking to become extracellular ATP. This will lead to cardiac problems, and could explain the clotting through leakage of fibrinogen or other clotting factors. Intracellular ATP would likely phosphorylate the ERK2 pathway, leading to STAT3 and the eventual YAP/TAZ inhibition of immune response. IMO.

Vivien Muir

Brilliant analysis and so crucial to understand! Thank you for your courage in telling the truth. As to what we can do, one thing is to share this vital information far and wide, and I have noticed in my clinical practice that the energy of love- imagining a waterfall of love infusing into every cell -every day and every night-can help transmute toxins and stresses gently and safely. Your inner wisdom that coordinates trillions upon trillions of cells every instant knows how to do this, so you can simply thank IW and ask it to guide you and help you… Read more »

Corona Coronata

“Is a vaccine really needed?” To fight a virus that does not exist? Sure – if you want to kill 7 billion people and disguise it as fighting the disease.

leslie blade

Spring of 2020 I read some of Moderna’s research papers from years ago when they were working on Zika and a few other things
. Problem then was “hyper coagulation”. They knew
can’t find papers now🙄

[…] Blaylock on Vaccines: What You Need To Know… […]


Despite of lot of facts about the side effects of all the covid injections, the major point here is EXTREMELY DISSAPOITING. Dr. Blaylock in my opinion fort he first time really DECEIVES HUMANS!!!! These are NOT ‘vaccines’ but in fact GENE TREATMENTS, in case of Pfizer and Moderna products!!! If exactly that name was used BEFORE the ’emergency’ authorization was issued, we had probably ZERO human beings injected!!! This DECEPTION is spread by ALL MD’s. Don’t know why??? So that they keep on going and killing more human beings?? It’s time to completely distance oneself from medical establishment.

[…] Posted on June 28, 2021 | Leave a comment Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]

[…] Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent (link). […]

[…] [Justice] [Political] [Media] Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent by Dr. Russell Blaylock Posted July 19, […]


See this amazing video by a top expert in patents. My quote below is from the website. On SARS-Cov-2 Patents This presentation by David Martin, the foremost patents researcher in the world. He follows the trail of patents which were issued for Sars-CoVi-2 (Covid-19) gene sequences years before the pandemic began. The trail also leads to pre-Covid patents for components of anti-Covid ‘vaccines’, patents that were obtained by individuals and companies now demanding universal vaccinations. The only possible motive for creating a disease and then forcing everyone to accept vaccines made by the same people who invented the disease is… Read more »


The most serious concern is that the population is not capable of discerning that there are those among us who wish to cause us great harm. How can a nation stand against the enemy when the people can’t discern the enemy? Whether someone is deliberately nefarious or has been deceived to support a nefarious agenda, the result is the same. Good intent doesn’t change the result. As long as we continue to believe that we should love our enemies and pray for them, we will be destroyed. God has always supported the enemies’ destruction of societies when they were incurably… Read more »

[…] Source: Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]

[…] Research, August 13, 2021Technocracy 3 June […]


It’s easy, just read the vaccine insert- it’s all there in blank and white.

olde reb

PROFOUND article posted aug 21. confirming Spanish study of graphene in ALL 4 jabs

olde reb

Blaylock identifies the protein as being inside the virus. Other say there is NO virus. ???

olde reb

Canadian judge threw out the case when no virus was evidenced.

[…] Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]

[…] Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]


It would be great if Dr. Blaylock could do a follow up on shedding/transmission that’s increasingly occurring among the population. I experienced shedding and found it most distressing. My good friend was moving to another state. She had received the Pfizer shot 4 months earlier, so when we got together I didn’t think that would happen. It took about an hour after we hugged goodbye when my lymph nodes became painful, accompanied by a headache, fever, and severe malaise. I researched to see what I could do if anything and found a few ideas that I tried which fortunately seemed… Read more »

[…] Blaylock On Vaccines: What You Need To Know For Informed Consent […]

[…] June 3, 2021, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock recorded the insanity of this […]

[…] June 3, 2021, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock recorded the insanity of this […]

[…] June 3, 2021, retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock recorded the insanity of this […]

[…] 3. Juni 2021 dokumentierte der pensionierte Neurochirurg Dr. Russell Blaylock den Irrsinn dieser […]

[…] 3 giugno 2021 il neurochirurgo in pensione si Ăš documentato dott Russel Blake la follia di questo […]

[…] 3. Juni 2021 dokumentierte der pensionierte Neurochirurg Dr. Russell Blaylock den Irrsinn dieser […]

[…] 3. Juni 2021 dokumentierte der pensionierte Neurochirurg Dr. Russell Blaylock den Irrsinn dieser […]