Trilateral Commission

Trilateral Commission: 5G Technology Will Be The Backbone Of Smart Cities

Gen. James Jones is a member of the Trilateral Commission and was President Obama’s first National Security Advisor (NSA). He never used computers at the White House because they were not secure, but for us, somehow 5G is going to be secure as it lights up Smart Cities and autonomous driving? Consider the source: the Trilateral Commission has been the primary actor in pushing modern Technocracy since its inception in 1973.

Trilateral Commission Member Joseph Nye Speaks Out On China, Asia

When Nye states, “Contrary to conspiracy theories, the Commission has little power”, he is speaking of this writer’s seminal works Trilaterals Over Washington, Vol. I and II, co-authored with the late Professor Antony Sutton. The Trilateral Commission and its members stand naked before the clear documentation of history, and no amount of self-effacing rhetoric will erase that.

Trilateral Commission Stalwart: Charlie Rose Shamed, Broken, Lonely

Exactly when Rose was dropped from Trilateral Commission membership is uncertain, but his long TV career was shattered when several women accused him of sexual misconduct. The allegations had enough substance that Rose was fired from PBS and Bloomberg Television immediately suspended the program. Rose interviewed dozens of other Trilateral members over the years and was considered one of the trusted media insiders at the Commission. At 76, he will likely never see the red light on the TV camera again.

Trilateral Commissioner Michael Bloomberg Appointed As UN Envoy For Climate Action

This is a hugely important appointment and illustrates the tight relationship between the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations, Global Warming and Sustainable Development. Bloomberg is one of the richest men in the world, worth $50.3 in 2018. It is a must to read my book, Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation to see how this all fits together, but it does and it is undeniable

Buchanan On China: The Fatal Delusions Of Western Man

This is no doubt an important article, but it dances around key issues without mentioning that they are all deeply rooted in the policies and actions of members of the Trilateral Commission in the 1970s. Our leaders did not call for the ascendance of China, but Trilaterals like Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Cyrus Vance and Zbigniew Brzezinski did. It was not just any old multinational corporations who rebuilt China in the form of a Technocracy, but rather it was Trilateral-connected corporations. Antony Sutton and I wrote extensively on this in our books, Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II, and I have more recently penned articles like How The Trilateral Commission Converted China Into A Technocracy. It is simply not correct to blame Western Man for these problems, except for his failure to reign in ultra-powerful groups like the Trilateral Commission.

Trilateral Commission Member Exits Trump Administration For Goldman Sachs

 member of the Trilateral Commission and the CfT, Powell served at U.S. Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy to President Donald Trump. She also concurrently served as Assistant to the President for Economic Initiatives. The Trilateral Commission was instrumental in calling for a New International Economic Order in 1973, and then creating and promoting the doctrine of Sustainable Development at the U.N., aka Technocracy. Thus, Powell’s first year with Trump allowed her to have a huge impact on Trump’s economic policy.