Universal Basic Income

Universal Basic Income: Far-Fetched Or Future Fact?

Universal Basic Income is a mega-trend outcome of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where robots replace humans en-masse. Technocracy’s city-state concept will reduce the value of human labor to near-zero, requiring government support for all. This kind of subsistence living is tantamount to slavery.

Robots Sparking Debate About Need For Guaranteed Basic Income

With 40% of all jobs already non-full-time (e.g., temporary. part-time or contingent), robotic automation is pushing the historical job paradigm off the cliff. The Global Elite Technocrats who are driving this 4th Industrial Revolution are already moving in the direction of establishing a universal basic income to pacify all the unemployed masses. However, that means that those masses become wards of the state and will automatically fall into the matrix of Technocracy.