Zuckerberg Pitches Universal Basic Income To Harvard Grads

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Mark Zuckerberg is a consummate Technocrat and societal engineer, and he is telling the Harvard class of ’17 that Universal Basic Income is the wave of the future. Will Zuckerberg drop his gargantuan billions and live with all the ‘little people’? Not a chance.  TN Editor

In his Harvard commencement speech on Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg advocated exploring a system in which all people receive a standard salary just for being alive, no questions asked.

The system, known as universal basic income, is one of the trendiest economic theories of the past few years. Experiments in basic income have popped up in Kenya, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, and San Francisco, California, among other places.

Basic-income advocates say the changing nature of work — from human labor to artificially intelligent robots — combined with rising wealth inequality signal the need for an overhaul of how money is distributed.

“We should have a society that measures progress not just by economic metrics like GDP, but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful,” Zuckerberg told the crowd. “We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”

The statement was Zuckerberg’s first public endorsement of the idea, which makes him somewhat late to the party, as far as Silicon Valley goes. Tech executives like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Y Combinator President Sam Altman, and Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes — who runs a basic-income fund called the Economic Security Project — have endorsed basic income.

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