DARPA Working On Mind-Control For Drones

DARPA is the research arm of the US military establishment, and is charged with developing advanced technology that would result in total domination of the battlefield. Unfortunately, the military is increasingly turning its attention to American citizens.

Joint Communication Network For Biometric Databases Being Established

The Military is instructing local police forces how to “master the human domain” with biometric identification and AI analysis of populations. On the battlefield, mastering the human domain means changing, informing or shaping human behavior. When turned on our own civilian population, you have the ultimate social engineering event that will transform society.

U.S. Army Rushes To Field Robotic Truck Convoys By 2019

Technocrats and military are perfectly symbiotic: the Army wants a new engineering marvel and Technocrats are excited to deliver. In this case the Army is skipping normal acquisition procedures to rush implementation. What’s the hurry? The global robotic arms race is far larger than anything seen in history.

Black Market: Killer Robots To Offer ‘Untraceable Murders”

Technocrat inventions intended to solve various problems for mankind can also be easily adapted by criminal minds to be used for nefarious purposes. All of the components necessary for clandestine killer robots already exist and are readily available in the marketplace.

Rich Technocrats Planning Doomsday Escape To New Zealand Bunkers

The super-rich like Peter Theil and Sam Altman, have packed their bug-out bags and are ready to flee to their underground hideaways in New Zealand on a moment’s notice. They expect and fear Armageddon and are taking every precaution to save their own skins, even though they are all complicit in the future we don’t want.