Catherine Austin Fitts: We Are At War With The Deep State

As the world increasingly wakes up to the war against humanity, people will turn the Great Reset into the Great Resist. As with any war, there are already casualties and destruction of property, but that is the price of liberty for those who remain afterwards. Technocracy cannot stand on its own, but it can cause a lot of havoc in the meantime.

Mercola: Monkeypox Declared A Public Health Emergency

The details of skulduggery with Big Pharma, the corrupt World Health Organization and various secret research labs will be debated for a long time. The real concern should be that creating synthetic viruses in a lab is tantamount to creating the atomic bomb. When a deadly virus can be modeled on a computer screen and then turned into the actual pathogen, all that remains to ask is how soon will the military get ahold of it and how soon will they use it?

Ships Sit Afar: Disrupting The Enemy’s Supply Chain Is An Age-Old Military Tactic

The nation’s critical supply chain consists of ships, trucks, rail and air, all of which are suffering from failures and delays. Air transport can’t find enough pilots. Trains are faltering. Truckers are going out of business. Ships are stacked up waiting for port loading/unloading. While some of the problems are naturally occurring, the whole system is being pushed over the edge by climate insanity.

Eric Schmidt: AI Is As Powerful As Nukes

Eric Schmidt is a top global technocrat and heir apparent of Henry Kissinger, both members of the elitist Trilateral Commission that is the headwaters of modern Technocracy. To compare AI to nuclear bombs is a misnomer because nuclear bombs actually destroy matter while AI is still struggling to drive a car in a straight line. Is Schmidt signaling that AI will become a weapon of mass destruction?

Automated Killing Machine: Robot Dog Fitted With Machine Gun

Technocrats build because they can, not because there is any good moral or ethical reason to do so. We have repeatedly warned against militarized robots able to use advanced AI, biometric identification and deadly armaments. Now, Technocrats have the ability to fully automate the killing of humans and the destruction of property.

Food Wars: ‘The Dark Cult Of Davos Is Trying To Destroy These Farmers’

If Tiananmen Square was a global wake up call on ruthless totalitarianism, then Dutch Farmers are trying to wake up the world on the war against humanity perpetrated by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, etc. Collectively, the world is facing another Holodomor event where tens of millions could die from starvation.

The Growing Hubris Of Pandemic And The Great Panic Of 2020

Experimental mRNA injections promoted to a global citizenry has common goals with the Transhuman movement to genetically modify humanity and the military to create bioweapons. Both are interested in population reduction. Both are deep rabbit holes. Both spark horrific reactions from people when they discover the existence and implications of these programs.

“Polycrisis Of Doom”: Technocracy’s Mother Of All Wars To Conquer the World

This writer first stated in 2015 that Technocracy had declared war on humanity. Today’s “polycrisis” is the expansion of the scorched-earth policy to reduce society to rubble, making possible the World Economic Forum’s policy to “Build Back Better.” The Energy crisis is fabricated. The Food crisis is fabricated. The Financial crisis is fabricated. Nation-states are crumbling. Is anyone listening?