Study: One In Every 500 Small Children Who Receive Pfizer Shot Are Hospitalized By It

The war on humanity spreads to children. This is the same shot that the CDC is recommending for the childhood vaccination schedule in the U.S. This study only looks at the short-term effect of the mRNA therapy; the long-term effects are not yet known, but there is no way that they can be good. This carnage must be brought to a screeching halt but legislators and industry seem to have no interest in doing so.

Killing By Drone: Hunting Enemies In Urban Combat

To a Technocrat, efficiency is like catnip is to a cat – it cannot be resisted even to the point of creating automated killing machines. Why get your hands dirty, anyway? And if you make a mistake and kill the wrong person. well, just write that off to occasional collateral damage or friendly fire. This arms race cannot be stopped at this point.

Post-Putin: Russia’s Relation To Technocracy

No matter what the outcome of the Russia/Ukraine war, Technocracy and Technocrats will have an assertive role in Russia’s future. Russia is already closely aligned with China, the largest Technocratic nation in the world. The West can protest evil China and Russia all it wants, but they intend to ultimately flip the entire world into Technocracy.

Now It’s UK: Why Are Labs Racing To See Who Can Create The Most Deadly Virus?

Any lab experimenting with the creation of or gain-of-function of human pathogens should be summarily terminated and its researchers banned from further activities. The depth and scope of this kind of research goes far beyond just China and the U.S. This has morphed into an arms race in biowarfare, and it is potentially more dangerous that the invention of the atomic bomb in 1945.

Big Pharma Is Putting All Of Humanity At Risk Of Demographic Collapse

Stillbirths, vaginal hemorrhaging, miscarriages, preeclampsia, premature births, inability to conceive, reduced sperm count in men, etc., are reaching an existential tipping point and yet, Big Pharma, government and media continue to promote mRNA injections for pregnant women. With the refusal to stop this program, it is revealing itself as a major bioweapon attack on humanity.

Is President Biden Intentionally Trying To Start WWIII?

The global geo-political landscape has deteriorated dramatically during the Biden Administration and the question must be asked: Is Biden intentionally trying to start WWIII? If so, it would continue the scorched earth policy of all those who want to “build back better” after the Great Reset.

Peer-Reviewed Study Reveals mRNA ‘Vaccine’ More Harmful Than COVID

COVID caused significant harm to the global population, which was exacerbated by harmful public policies. The mRNA “vaccines” have caused significantly more harm than COVID. This suggests biological warfare that has left a trail of dead and wounded. If this were not so, drug makers and politicians would make an immediate U-turn to stop all injections immediately.

US Life Expectancy Falls In ‘Historic” Decline

War always produces dead bodies, and yet the Technocrat/Transhuman war on the entire world is not yet acknowledged or understood. The aftermath of the most lethal drug in history is still wreaking havoc and the long-term effects are still ahead of us. Instead of stopping mRNA injections, Biden’s EO just handed us over to the biotech drug cartel.