Boston Dynamics Creates “Terrifying” Robot That Can Run, Jump And Climb

The results of Boston Dynamics inventions are fed back to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to be used in creating super-soldiers that can dominate the battlefield. What could go wrong with that? It will also result in the complete domination of civilian populations as well. Both Boston Dynamics and DARPA are filled with Technocrats who invent because they can, not because there is an ethical reason for doing so.

DARPA Inspired: First Drone Warship Joins US Navy To Hunt Submarines

It is already publicly acknowledged that in the future, Sea Hunter will be equipped with missiles, torpedoes or other armaments to build  “a human-machine collaborative battle fleet.” WWIII will be fought with autonomous drones. We can thank the Technocrats at DARPA for this ‘mad science’.

Autonomous Killer Drones Will Soon Decide Who, When And Where

Technocrat engineers create because they can, not because they have a moral base to do so. A few short years ago, the military swore they would not create killer drones or robots. Now they are building with impunity. Well, they lied. When WWIII starts, it will be a drone/robot war.

DARPA Working Toward Swarms Of 250 Drones

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a hotbed of technocrats bent on developing technology for warfare; it continues to push its swarming drone initiative using AI and innovative sensor technology.

War By Robots: Army Looking For Armed Ground Prototype by 2019

The military/industrial complex has been taken over by Technocrats who intend to prosecute war by armed robots. Two years ago, the military and civilian leaders said the armed robots would NOT be developed. They have not flip-flopped; rather, they simply lied to the public to mask their true intentions.