Florida First To Waive Driver Requirement For Self-Driving Autos

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The world will be watching carefully as driverless and autonomous vehicles flood Florida roads for the first time in an entire state. Other states are right behind Florida, including Arizona and California. ‚ĀÉ TN Editor

Florida will allow autonomous vehicles (AVs) to operate on public roads without a human driver starting next month, under a new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, R.

The bill, designed to facilitate more AV testing in the state, sets out a statutory framework for insurance and safety rules for the vehicles. It also exempts AV passengers from distracted driving rules that bar texting and phone use.

The bill was signed at the¬†SunTrax¬†facility, the southeast‚Äôs only high-speed AV testing facility, marking the completion of the center’s newest AV test track.

Florida has positioned itself as a leader for AV testing. The state has been allowing companies to test on some public roads and has authorized autonomous shuttles for use in Orlando.

The new law will put Florida on par with other states that have passed progressive laws to encourage automakers and tech startups to bring AV testing. Arizona, California, Utah and Pennsylvania have all pushed policy to make it easier for AVs to operate on public roads. Given the immense interest in AV technology, and the potential for driverless cars to remake mobility, it makes sense for states to try to put themselves on the front line.

Florida’s law also comes as the federal government has taken a hands-off approach to setting AV rules, leaving most decisions up to state and local governments. The Department of Transportation (DOT) passed rules in October that lift the assumption of a human driver, but did not move prescriptive policy for several safety issues.

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abinico warez

It’s not that Florida is a hi-tech leader or anything like that – Florida is corrupt to the core and anything can be bought.

Marilynne Martin

The SunTrak facility is operated by Florida Turnpike Enterprise
“Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) is a business unit of the Florida Department of Transportation, employing private sector business practices to operate its 461-mile system of limited-access toll highways for the benefit of Florida’s traveling public.[1] The current Executive Director is Paul Wai.” Wikipedia

Isn’t it great that government transportation dept’s have “business units”.

The State is pushing this technology (AV’s) not market demand.