Half Of States Preparing Lawsuits Against Obama’s Climate Policy

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TN Note: Note that Obama’s radical Executive-Order-driven environmental policy was exclusively architected by Trilateral Commission member John Podesta, who is currently campaign manager for Hilary Clinton. Immediately before hiring on as Obama’s Senior Policy Advisor on Climate Change, Podesta was on the 27-member High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda that led up to the infamous 2030 Agenda adoption on September 25, 2015.

As many as 25 states will join some of the nation’s most influential business groups in legal action to block President Obama’s climate change regulations when they are formally published Friday, trying to stop his signature environmental policy.

In August, the president announced in a White House ceremony that the Environmental Protection Agency rules had been completed, but they had not yet been published in the government’s Federal Register.Within hours of the rules’ official publication on Friday, a legal battle will begin, pitting the states against the federal government. It is widely expected to end up before the Supreme Court.

“I predict there will be a very long line of people at the federal courthouse tomorrow morning, eagerly waiting to file their suits on this case,” said Jeffrey R. Holmstead, a lawyer for the firm Bracewell & Giuliani who represents several companies that are expected to file such suits.

While the legal brawls could drag on for years, many states and companies, including those that are suing the administration, have also started drafting plans to comply with the rules. That strategy reflects the uncertainty of the ultimate legal outcome — and also means that many states could be well on the way to implementing Mr. Obama’s climate plan by the time the case reaches the Supreme Court.

The E.P.A.’s climate change rules are at the heart of Mr. Obama’s ambitious agenda to counter global warming by cutting emissions of planet-warming carbon pollution. If they withstand the legal challenges, the rules could shutter hundreds of polluting, coal-fired power plants and freeze construction of such plants in the future, while leading to a transformation of the nation’s power sector from reliance on fossil fuels to wind, solar and nuclear power.

Mr. Obama has also used the rules as leverage in his negotiations to reach a global climate change accord in Paris in December. He hopes to broker a deal committing every country to enacting domestic climate change policies.

The official publication of the rules will also spur legislative pushback on Capitol Hill, where Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, will introduce two resolutions to block them. The legislation will be introduced under the rarely used Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to block an executive branch rule within 60 legislative days of its publication.

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These states suing Obama at the same time preparing the “New Regulations” are caving in before it is over. Time “we the people”
grow a spine and just say “NO MORE.”


Once Donald Trump is President, we are going to dump all the trash that the 3rd World Kenyen Queen has forced on us with this pathetic Executive Orders! It will be such a wonderful day when we awake to the morning headline being Obama’s Obituary! I hope it is soon, very, very, very soon! Piss on Climate Change, the UN, and all the Clowns of the Podesta bucket of fermented vomit!

john Smith
john Smith

This is a time in America to return to McCarthyism.  Demand for the indictment on government officials on charges in violation of 1940 Smith Act, that is currently a national law on the books today. It was a law that was to prevent and perge U.S. government from being infiltrated by foreign nation loyalists and sympathisers who could take government over for their own political agenda. Also, 1954 Anti-Communist Act by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower was established to prevent Communist political supporters from campaining and taking office in US government because they would cause havoc and disfunction in… Read more »