It Begins: Sports Illustrated To Use AI For Articles

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The AI genie is out of the bottle and media companies are stampeding to recruit its content-writing ability so save labor costs. This does not bode well for human researchers, journalists and authors who have climbed the ranks of their profession the hard way. ⁃ TN Editor

One of the nation’s longest-running sports news outlets, Sports Illustrated, has announced that it is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to generate articles and story ideas.

he Arena Group Holdings, publisher of the nearly 70-year-old magazine, has announced that it has contracted with AI startups Jasper and Nota to generate stories and pull facts from its own past library of content, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Along with that new contract, SI will also work with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, in the future.

The publisher has already put the new procedures in place in one of its other magazines, Men’s Journal, the Wall Street Journal added.

These articles are reportedly reviewed and fact-checked by human editors, the publisher explained. And a disclaimer is added to each story using the new content creation programs, reading, “This article is a curation of expert advice from Men’s Fitness, using deep-learning tools for retrieval combined with OpenAI’s large language model for various stages of the workflow.”

Arena insisted that it was not looking to eliminate human writers and journalists.

“It’s not going to replace the art of creating content. It’s giving the content creators, whether they’re writers or social creators, real efficiency and real access to the archives we have,” Ross Levinsohn, Arena Group’s chairman and chief executive, exclaimed.

Arena Group added that it would use AI tools in all its magazines, encompassing more than 50 titles.

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Aleksndr Golitsyn

Might as well, they’ve all been boilerplate for decades anyway. I recall my father was subscribed to it, and the articles were total crap.

I personally have never subscribed to anything.

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So, they’re replacing robots with robots