John Podesta: Hillary Plans To Have A ‘Climate Map Room’ in White House

War room awaiting news of Bin Laden's demise.
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TN Note: John Podesta is Hillary’s campaign manager and a member of the Trilateral Commission. He is responsible for Obama’s climate change policies and will drive Hillary to the same policies. With the world on the edge of flaming destructions, creating a war room for climate change is comparable to Nero playing his fiddle as Rome burned.

If she’s elected president, Hillary Clinton intends to equip the White House with a situation room just for climate change, inspired by the Map Room where Franklin D. Roosevelt managed World War II, her campaign chairman, former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, said Friday.

Podesta was one of nine veterans of seven previous administrations who spoke Friday at a Stanford University conference on “Setting the Climate Agenda for the Next U.S. President.” He cited a technologically sophisticated Climate Map Room as an example of planning for resilience—the capacity of the country to withstand and adapt to climate-change effects.

“Hillary’s been talking about creating a climate war room in the White House,” Podesta said, then correcting himself that he meant to say climate map room. “To be able to see where effects are taking place, to keep it real time, to use the technologies that are available, to try to imagine what is happening in the natural world and what the impact of that is going to be on the economy and the society.”

Clinton got the idea, Podesta said, “after walking many many many times through the ground floor of the residence through the Map Room.”

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